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"Roberto the Adventurer" is the fourteenth episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers, and the 47th episode overall for the series.


Ronda learns that her "Roberto the Adventurer" books are actually of prophetic value when Rhodney begins living the adventures for himself. Using the communicators the Voyagers supplied, Ronda helps Rhodney out. He uncovers details about Lamdock's past an his current motives, while also using his daredevil training to escape the numerous threats being made to his life. He manages to leave an encrypted signal with Erasaxo, before going off to thwart the latest Lamdock-related disaster in his area. It turns out to be a trap, leading Rhodney into the underground death maze that is built on top of Lamdock's hideout. Lamdock's initial traps fail, and Rhodney finds himself able to find a hiding place.

Marlack and Neone, who awake in Calnada, discuss with each other the ramifications of their behavior while under Eros gas. They are soon rescued and brought back to the Bindaf 3000. Pinkella flees from a mental institution, where she was placed in the hopes they'd mistake her for a patient. Liquidon goes to visit Cindy, since he was sent to Bulgadia anyway. They talk some more about the future of their relationship, and what it would take for them to get married - assuming it even possible. Haunted by the prospect of not getting another chance when Liquidon is changed back to Stationery form, they consummate their relationship.

General Bluque figures out that Nonpriel has deserted rank and is now in the employ of Wizard Lamdock, and so Bluque reluctantly places Lord Abberwadd in control of Nonpriel's old post. With the death maze's final defenses fully operational, Lamdock transports the Voyagers inside. However, the Ooze Pen assassin Maraldos supplied Nonpriel with from Neothode fails to neutralize Liquidon.


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