"Ridiculous" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Morbid! The Horrendous Hobo!!!. It is a parody of Nelly Furtado's song "Promiscuous."


This song was written simply to bash the original song for being popular in spite its raunchy subject matter.

Instead of being about a couple in a nightclub hooking up for casual sex, the parody imagines two clowns in a cafeteria that don't entirely realize themselves to be clowns. They realize one another to be clowns, and either way, they instantly hate each other.

The cafeteria wherein which this song is imagined to take place is the Rock Cafe of Ferris State University.

This song is not to be confused with Odd Austin's parody "Ridiculous Girl," about an obese woman.[1] The song was submitted to AmIRight's website in late 2006, and was copied to DozerfleetWiki 1 on February 11th of 2007. [2]


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *


Girl: "Do I seem a dumm Kopf?" /

Guy: "Yep!" /

Girl: "Why is that so?" /

First verseEdit

Guy: "You're a silly lady! /
Your plaid don't even match; / must be fashion lazy! /

You don't have a prayer, / they'll laugh so hard; /
You're worse then most nerds! /
Your soul must be scarred!!!" /

Girl: "You're one to talk, / what's with that silly tie? /
It turns women off to the sight of your eye!" /

Guy: "That may just be true; / but I don't have a wig! /
Yours, / rearranged, / would make a nice oil rig!" /

Girl: "You expect me / to just change my style? /
Soon / they'll find you / in a circular file!" /

Guy: "All I can do is say, give it one chance; /
What's the problem? / It'll help you to dance! /
I'll be the first to admit it, / I'm cackling at you, / you seem so innoxious!" /

Girl: "Wanna pick on my clothes? / Then come on, clown, win it! /
Lemme see you / eat crow for a minute!!!"/


Guy: "Ridiculous girl; /
Whatever you are; /
I won't condone; /
Your dumb wardrobe at all!" /

Girl: "Ridiculous boy; /
You already know! /
That you're monkey doo; /
What you talkin' for?" /

Guy: "Ridiculous girl; /
Don't laugh at me! /
You know my cheese shoes; /
Ain't as bad as your teeth!" /

Girl: "Ridiculous boy; /
Just what is your point? /
Quit being a troll already!" /

Second verseEdit

Girl: "Noses will bleed; /
And I'll smash your face blue; /
You smell like a weed; /
At least I can play flute!" /

Guy: "Hey! They can't hold a mirror toward you! /
Where it is; near your garb; smashed in two!" /

Girl: "I'm out of this world! You will die on my planet! /
The UFO's are comin', think you can handle that?" /

Guy: "They call you Dorkface!
/ Last name Clown! /
Not very tame! /
They should put you down!" /

Girl: "I'm a big winner, you formeldahyde elf! /
I can handle this world, I don't need mongrel help! /
Pay attention, bozo, or I'll threaten your health!" /

Guy: "Now you'd better calm down!" /

Girl: "What? Like everybody else?" /

Guy: "The harlequin hat's gotta go! /
Kick it off of you, smash it into the snow! /
And that clown nose, well, that's just a plain NO!" /

Girl: "Hypocrite! No one likes your purple eyebrow!" /

[Repeat chorus]


Guy: "Goofball, you're so sad, ears so green!" /
Girl: "Goofball, you're so sad, ears so green!" /
Guy: "Hey, you're so sad, ears so green!" /
Girl: "Goofball, you're so sad, ears so green!" /

Third verseEdit

Guy: "Hey, Missy Lucky Charm! /
What's the fuzz thing hanging there on your arm?" /

Girl: "With this nice thing, I will smash up a gong; /
Play it so loud, all your hearing is gone..." /

Guy: "Hearing gone?" /

Girl: "You asked for it, man!" /

Guy: "You do and I'll smash you right into a fan!" /

Girl: "Try my umbrella shoved into your brain!/
Then I'll tie you up underneath a big train!" /

Guy: "Not okay, that's not right! /
Speak normal, you know you're not bright!" /

Girl: "Doubt I can do it? Well guess what, you're trash! /
You've got all the clothes, I've got all the cash!" /

Finale chorusEdit

Guy: "Ridiculous girl; /
Whatever you are; /
I won't condone; /
Your dumb wardrobe at all!" /

Girl: "Ridiculous boy; /
No one's gonna blame; /
Me for killing you off; /
With a napalm-y flame!" /

Guy: "Ridiculous girl; /
Don't threaten me!; /
You know my dress sense; /
Ain't as bad as your teeth!" /

Girl: "Ridiculous boy; /
You're bloody insane! /
I'll feed you to the gangsters now..." /

[Instrumental fade out]

Lyrics © 2006 Dozerfleet Records.


  1. "Writer of 'Ridiculous Girl'." Odd Austin's MySpace Page. Odd Austin Aeschliman.
  2. "History Page for Article Ridiculous." DozerfleetWiki 1. Dozerfleet Productions. February 11th, 2007. 5:35 PM EST.
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