Repercussions is the second season of Stationery Voyagers.


This season deals with how the Voyagers acquire Liquidon and Viola to their team, as well as the events of their brief Whixtitout Campaign. After Neone negotiates Liquidon's freedom from a Nabijab City jail, he informs the team of his origins and why he was sent to join them. Neone learns that she is really Wendim Shinroff of the royal family of the enclave nation of Neomlot, and was adopted by Hidicky Delft in order to protect her from the evil wizard known as Intimidator Irendus. After a short break, in which the team acquires Viola after she helps them rescue pop star Balleni Points from terrorists, the Voyagers begin their Whixtitout Campaign. They soon find themselves sidetracked, as Rhodney and Liquidon are captured by Markerterion forces and the rebellious Monigo Lanchez rescues them. They also find themselves pivotal in preventing a plot by several traitors working for Astrabolo from reaching fruition. If this plot were successful, then education systems on Whixtitout would be modified to force the promotion of sexual promiscuity on Whixtitian schoolchildren. Astrabolo, as is revealed, intends to use this as an opportunity to unleash the notorious Buliod virus on the nation of Verinthia. If successful, this would infect the entire world's population with Buliod's disease and render all infected Whiteouts infertile. In essence, a genocide in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Prince Thrix of the Xylien Society joins forces with a mechie named Stashel and with Glario Mochshund to interrupt Althorpe's terrorist organization. This perks the interest of Skidders Garett Nobee and Katrina Mantalone who join forces with the three to capture Corphel Frank. Frank escapes, failing to kill his pursuers, but not before he sets the Bubblespeck factory on fire. From the Feltipwa Bubblespeck factory, recovered by Statonian government troops, orders are given to launch missiles at a syndicate of Althorpe's which is hiding inside of the Sprucethirst factory. The Voyagers' predecessors, the Metallic Voyagers, are rescued from the Muellex. However, a crooked prosecutor arranges to have them imprisoned on various trumped-up charges. The Bindaf 3000 crew is rescued from a ruthless space pirate by Metallic Voyagers Technitel and Pinxta, when they steal their ship back from the prosecutor and leave the other Metallics behind to amend the fallen team's public image. The season ends right as the Voyagers prepare for their Mantithian Campaign.


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