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"Qua Locus Poena" is the 20th episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers, and the 53rd episode overall. It's title is Latin for "Where it hurts the most." As things in the present go from bad to worse, Viola has flashbacks to the pains she suffered in Feltipwa. As the Drismabons let their presence on Mantith be felt, it makes for a cliffhanger of a season finale for Surfaces.


Viola deals with haunting memories while her trip to the Valtican becomes treacherous.

To help herself, Rhodney, and Melanie survive; she needs help from Cindy and the bumbling Frederick Powderkov. Melanie learns that an ancient witch symbol in the Valtican looks almost identical to her suit's chest insignia, and is the reason for her abduction. They are all thrown for a curve ball when the Mystery Wanderer arrives and warns everyone that Bluque has betrayed Alhox.

They ask who Bluque is working for, but the Wanderer disappears around a corner just as a small band of Drismabons arrive and try to kill everyone.

The Valtican Mosquatlons flee immediately after killing five of seven, with Cindy and Frederick helping the Voyagers kill off the remaining two. They begin to fear the worst. Melanie states that Abberwadd will most likely come to claim her, and that she will vouch for the Voyagers if so.

She reminds them that Abberwadd is loyal to Alhox. However, she fears that a few other fleets may be switching loyalties. Markerterion is on the brink of civil war; just as the Drismabons have resurfaced.


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