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Virtual newsroom with virtual greenscreen in Sims 2.
Item type Digital chroma key wall
Application Chroma key rooms enabled for video game characters - within their world.
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Pseudo-chroma key is a compositing technique used for machinima and/or DSHW productions. The primary difference between pseudo-chroma and true chroma is that pseudo-chroma backgrounds exist entirely within a game's virtual universe, as opposed to true chroma backgrounds which possesses actual material essence. The process of harvesting pseudo-chroma for key compositing is similar to that of true chroma.

The processEdit

In pseudo-chroma key, custom floor and wall paint are applied to a virtual walls and flooring within a game. This floor and wall paint is designed specifically to imitate true chroma walls and flooring, useful for generating a greenscreen (or bluescreen) look-and-feel. Objects isolated through this measure are then available for inclusion in backgrounds of the director's or producer's discretion.

In machinima video productions, the simulated backgrounds and foreground subjects are exported from the game, and traditional sample filtering is used to isolate the subjects. This could involve sampling the background phase with the subcarrier's burst phase (analog) or more basic numeric sampling (digital.) In this manner, the chroma simulation functions like traditional chroma key.

For screenshots in storytelling, especially in the DSHW format, the foreground subjects are frozen in time in the middle of their actions and a snapshot is taken of them against the chroma simulator background (CSB.) The snapshot is imported into an image editing program, such as Photoshop, and tools such as Photoshop's Polygon Lasso and Magic Eraser are used to eliminate the background. Once the subjects are safely removed from the chroma simulator background, they are then edited into a scene and light source-matched for their new environments. The end result is a product that looks very similar to true chroma key filtering.

Dozerfleet applicationEdit

Originally, figures to be isolated in pseudo-chroma were shot against white screens and floors. However, with the adoption of new standards, traditional green and blue screens became preferred.

The Gerosha Chronicles, particularly the Ciem trilogy, make extensive use of pseudo-chroma key, especially for battle scenes. While the first story in that trilogy used very little, increasing levels of its use and application occurred in the first sequel. Plans were made for the next sequel to use even more, before the webcomic series was canceled.

Application outside of DozerfleetEdit

Moderator Myrddin of Paint.NET online forums, on December 15th of 2007, first used the term "pseudo-chroma key" to refer to simulating chroma key in digital image editing software with the aid of plugins. [1]


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