A reboot/remake to Blood Over Water and its expanded narrative is desired for many reasons. This is a list of 26 or so major issues with the original videos.

Continuity and narrative detail


The series gives no background for Aaron and Monica's friendship whatsoever. She's dropped in at the last second. It's strongly implied she's just a friend he has, but she could almost be a teacher's assistant. An expansion would fix this. It would also explore how Clyde became a part of Sleet Mountain, let alone the CEO. And his connections with the other factory workers / thugs.

  • Instead of Aaron alluding to Mark and Chris viewing each other a brothers, more would be done to show just how close they really were - right up to the betrayal.
  • Ashley's role in things would be expanded far beyond a mere two lines of dialog.
  • George and Kyle's inter-connections would be given more depth.

Sequence lining

Due to audio and shooting schedule issues, it was near-impossible to splice the mini-series' separate parts into a single comprehensive movie without jumping around a lot in time chaotically. As a result, Aaron is shown twice leaving Mark's apartment with the same folder. Around Part 5, the repeated necessary time skips cause considerable confusion. Expansion into a mini-series would smooth-away the rough patches in timeline discrepancy.

Weather and time

Weather changes betray that the story could not have happened in only a week, as the video describes.

  • Mark finds the "Confidential" folder on a Friday night. He calls Aaron on a Saturday night.
  • Mark is then killed late Saturday night. And buried that same evening.
  • Aaron finds the apartment in ruins. It's not yet dawn. But when he's leaving only two minutes later, it's already past sunrise.
  • Chris kills Mark on a Saturday night with Ashley's help. They're dressed somewhat warm for the cold weather outside. But a few hours later when Aaron goes over to investigate, it's blistering hot and he is sweating in later parts of the day.
  • In spite of what Aaron is wearing because of the weather, Kyle and George are dressed for fall weather when they try to give chase to him in their SUV.
  • The car chase is supposed to happen just after sunrise on Sunday. Anyone who knows the Big Rapids area, however, would readily be able to identify the scene as happening just before sunset.
  • Aaron calls the police after calling Chris, who gives Aaron no response. Chris would logically have been asleep at this time, given how long he'd been awake the following night burying Mark. Implying that not only is Chris impervious to heat, but also that he never sleeps.
  • Aaron is told by the police to wait 48 hours. It's pretty obvious that he only waits about 24 before driving to the police station in frustration. But for a Monday, it's still awfully hot out. Also odd is that after their first failed attempt to catch Aaron, Kyle and George give up rather easily, as they make no effort to harass him on Monday.
  • Aaron and Chris also change their clothes for no discernible reason before meeting up at the coffee shop on Wednesday. Both are dressed warmer than they were just one scene ago, implying that a cold spell suddenly hit the town.
  • Given the dream sequence and weather changes, it is more likely that Aaron and Chris met up on Wednesday, although the cutaway screens identify it being Tuesday. Aaron only acknowledges Mark as being missing for two days, not three.
  • Aaron is captured on Tuesday night, now dressed warmer than ever. Kyle and George are somewhat dressed down, however.
  • Aaron escapes and heads to the pond on Wednesday afternoon. The one time it would have made sense for him to take a shower and change his clothes, he doesn't.
    • Also, he doesn't see fit to call the police about the fact that he was abducted, nor to describe the men who are after him. This is in spite the fact that he already has the paperwork evidence, and the rope burns, and a confession from Kyle and George. Why? Simply because they wouldn't help him find Mark. So why should they care about a kidnapping and attempted murder? Or cleanup fraud? Either Aaron is a bit dense, or the police are completely useless.
    • Aaron even enters Sleet Mountain's factory itself, somehow, and manages to make his way to Chris' office room unnoticed. Somehow.
  • On Wednesday, it was considerably cooler out than Monday and Tuesday. But it's still passable as mid-September. By Wednesday night, it's near-freezing outside. So it went from early fall to early winter in only a matter of hours.
  • In Part 5, Aaron finally goes to discover Mark's grave. He either dropped off Monica (somehow) and then went home, then came back and got a winter coat on, or else he waited a full extra day to do anything, and then found Mark's grave on late Thursday evening. At this point, it's not that difficult to discern that it's snowing outside.
    • How he made it back to his car with Monica is assumed, and never explained. He couldn't have driven there, since Chris stole the car. And since he tells Mark's body later that he'll get the police involved, it means he hasn't yet. Why he would call a taxi and then not spill the beans to the taxi driver seems to make no sense as a fan explanation either. This is in spite the fact that he was never shown as having been deprived of his cell phone. Which would have been a very wise thing to do on the part of George and Kyle if their plan was to murder him. But if he had his phone the whole time, then why did he not us it?
    • And why was he more concerned about finding Mark's body than about getting himself and Monica to the police station? They don't have a gun, but they know where George and Kyle's bodies are, as well as Mark's. They've identified a suspect, but cannot rule themselves out as suspects.
    • Also strange is the fact that nobody else in town seems to either notice let alone question the dead bodies that are piling up.

Budget-induced problems

Due to a low budget, and fear of cleanup costs, options to use a mixture of chocolate and strawberry syrup as fake blood were turned down. Therefore, all carnage is shown as bloodless. A reboot would be able to avoid those issues.

Especially obvious is Mark's murder. He feasibly would have coughed up some blood from being strangled in that manner. The original script had him being shot in the head, slightly off camera. Some spatter on the walls would show small amounts of blood and "brain tissue" flying on. This raised issues of how the gun would have a powerful enough silencer on it that the neighbors wouldn't be awakened. A remake could go through those efforts, without the worry of costs of having to stain the walls of an actual apartment to create the effect. Part of the title's meaning is that blood was shed on account of (i.e., "over") water (scandals.) So to have a movie titled Blood Over Water that is entirely bloodless is a bit ironic.

Kyle and George could have more dramatic deaths, simply by adding in blood effects. A graphic novel serial in particular would do that quite effectively.

Revealing mistakes

Product placement

A reboot/remake would also allow for a version that avoids accidental product placement, which was a frequent problem in the class project.

  • "Sleet" Mountain is just a censor for Ice Mountain, to avoid defaming a popular brand as the class did in their original stock footage. An even-more-generic name for a water bottling company may prove necessary.
  • Chris' apartment, which was used as Mark's apartment for the videos, features a 300 poster prominently.
  • Zach's house, which was used as Aaron's house, features a 2007 TMNT poster prominently.
  • All efforts to make it unclear that the story was shot on the campus of Ferris State are blown to bits when Chris, a company man, is walking around on his day off wearing a Ferris State Bulldogs T-shirt. A graphic novel in particular could do away with this problematic plot point.
  • In the blooper reel, the bottom half of a Starbucks sign is clearly visible in one shot. Chris and Zach in particular didn't like being lectured about how legally dangerous it was to feature an unauthorized ad for Starbucks in the background of literally any shot.
  • Zach's Nike shirt seems like blatant advertising, in spite Zach not having a sponsor deal for Nike. For this reason, the DVD cover used Photoshop to edit out such trademarks.

Equipment visible

In the re-shoot for Chris and Aaron's meeting in Part 2, some clips clearly show a studio light's shadow on the wall.

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  • Blooper reel, for a small sample of the mistakes that were removed before final production.