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"Predecessors" is the eighth episode of Stationery Voyagers, and serves as a flashback/prequel to the series' beginning. More details about Alhox's campaign are revealed, and the Voyagers learn that they're not the first Voyager team in existence.


The Voyagers finish a day of exercises in the space simulator, and Erasaxo Herrick allows them to move in to the Bindaf 3000. Erasaxo, the mechanic aboard the Bindaf 3000, explains the numerous tragedies that have made him the last of his kind, and how he wound up as the ship's mechanic.

A few Skidders are there to greet the new Voyager team, including Katrina. When the Pextel grows curious about the ship's name, Garret decides the time has come to explain who the Metallic Voyagers were, and theories on why they never returned.

The rest of the episode serves as a flashback. Neone's elementary school days are shown, as well as the beginnings of her feud with Clandish Consto.

Alhox awakes in a hospital with head injuries on Markerterion, and learns that he was knocked out during his battle with Melchar. With much of his memory in tatters, he begins a political career to unify Markerterion. Bluque is among those who press him forward, and even campaign to make him a puppet emperor. Sensing Bluque has ulterior motives, the Xylien Society sends the Metallic Voyagers to investigate.

However, the YPL intervenes and a three-way battle breaks out. Outnumbered and risking certain death, Bindaf 2000 captain Technitel orders a retreat to Whixtitout. Just then, a large fluctuation in the Muellex suddenly engulfs several ships involved in the incident, and the Metallic Voyagers are frozen in time.

Gordon Lomken's assassins are revealed, and one among them named Ivan Witherpool makes clear his intent to not rest until no trace of Gordon's legacy remains.


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