"Powerful Comfort" is a poem written in April of 2003 by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI. It was written around or shortly after his poem "Mere Pittance" and his essay "Petals," and is the third entry of the Tri-Sola Poetry collection.


The poem was originally known as "Reflections: Powerful Comfort," and got its current name in the Fortress Rock era. The major theme of this poem is encouragement, with the secondary theme being one's inability to flee from one's past with any real honesty without Christ's help.

Poem itselfEdit

Powerful Comfort

Formerly “Reflections: Powerful Comfort” by Mike Hayes, written April of 2003.

When I ask for your forgiveness, O Lord;

Do I passionately flee and give up my sin,

Or am I caught up in my selfishness?

Holding on to a sin, my pain, my fear;

Passionately wanting to wallow in the mud?

To hold onto it because it is me;

In total, it is me?

Or am I afraid of the pain of my confession,

Afraid of what others, maybe you, O Lord, think?

Afraid the pain would be worse with my cover gone;

To bring me to the realization of a vengeful God?

Wondering, if in spite the desolation of life in guilt and pain;

I want to stay with the devil I know?

Besides, I am unsure at times you even exist.

Are your real death and resurrection;

Just old wives tales?.

A word of encouragement:

Be assured you; who are afraid to take that step…

From the beginning of time,

The One and Only God created and chose you…

From the beginning of time;

He said in intricate and intimate ways;

Precisely how the salvation of all was to come about…

Test this claim; Read His word; See for yourself.

Be assured of one thing:

He sent His son to die for…

To take away...your sin…

To give you life eternal…

May the Lord work this understanding;

Into your very being,

So it will never leave you alone…

When you wake; it is there…

When you sleep; it is there…

When you feel great in pleasurable sin; it is there…

When you are in the pit of despair; it is there…

It will posses you…

Change you…

Save you…

In His Name,


© 2003 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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