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Stationery Voyagers is an allegorical, space opera television series in development by Dozerfleet Productions. The plot centers around a team of diplomatic recon-oriented anthropomorphic writing utensils who seek to prevent widespread imperialism in their star system, only to find themselves accidental heroes destined to battle an even bigger scheme by an ancient evil, which threatens the eternal damnation of their entire universe.

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The Voyagers' universe is ripe with deep mythology and rich history. Be sure to check out the official mythology page for more details.

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Notable quotesEdit

  • "He seems pretty awake to me." — Pextel, to Sally
  • "Sometimes, one must reflect back to remember why one must move forward." — Gordon Lomken
  • "They want to destroy marriage? Why are they wasting their time?" — Nika Inkista, commenting on the YPL.
  • "You're nothing but a cog in a big machine! Don't presume yourself as ever being anything, nor having a purpose. As far as I am concerned, you are a waste of existence, just like most of your class. You will die, and be remembered only for the smell of your rotting corpse!!!" — The principal at Consto's school, to Consto himself.
  • "Well, I guess you'll never get justice now! Best you just suck it up!" —One of Consto's teachers, shortly after the principal is found dead.
  • "I may sound like who I am; but I'm not quite what I was." —Pextel to his mother over the phone, "Outcasts"
  • "At least I know to go right to the source; and not mess around like that IDIOT Ruktarusk!" —Vile Chameleon (to Maria DiNazalenth), "Essentials of Nativity"
  • "YOU stay down there!!! Unless you WANT to be barbecued!!!" —Gruvis, threatening Sylvia in "Night of the Whiteout"
  • "You should've listened to Rhodney!" —Preamble to Nonpriel, right before tossing him (and Liquidon) into a wall and escaping in a pod.
  • "Let me tell reality!" —Hostile customs officer (to Mitchell and Eliot)
  • "If not for our separate deities, Pex, we'd be exactly alike!" —Cybomec, attempting a Hannibal Lecture on Pextel.
  • "COFFINS ARE ON DISCOUNT!!!" —Implosionverse!Katrina, storming into a room full of terrorists wielding dual-guns, "Essentials of Nativity"
  • Nikolai: "Ha ha ha ha ha! So, what's it gonna be, hero??? Throw me into the rising sun? Nuke me in the stratosphere? Drop? Suffocate?"

Liquidon: "ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!"
(*Gives off seismic burst, Nikolai falls right into a jet engine.*)
Liquidon: "All right then. Plan F wins."

  • Sveniski (to Maurice): "Where da hell are you from?!?"

Maurice: "Not even close. Those heroes you mocked? They saved one girl. And you failed to kill the one hundred and five students who weren't in the parking lot. So much for being a villain, villain!"
Sveniski: "PUT ME DOWN!!!"
(*Maruice drops him without saying a word, and he falls onto the burning parking lot and is immediately engulfed in flames*)
Cindy (observing Sveniski burning alive, from a distance): "Happy Thanksgiving...Turkey's in the oven!"

Did you know...?Edit


Catch TVTropes' page on Stationery Voyagers today, and learn all about the writing devices already in this series (along with spoilers of devices that are likely to come into play later!) Here's a sample...

  • Anachronism Stew / Schizo Tech / Decade Dissonance: All the planets have differing rates of technological advancement and evolution.
    • Mantith looks like The Seventies. The Mosquatlons look like the 40s. Their Aviatet rivals look like The Roaring Twenties.
    • Drizad goes back and forth between communes that look like The Dung Ages and palaces that look like Arabian Nights Days and spaceports that have The New Tens all over them. The cities are underground, beneath the commune farms. And they resemble Mordor.
    • Markerterion is California meets Kalamazoo meets Spain in The New Tens.
    • Likewise, other than having some necessary Magitek and other advanced alien technology, Statios is 2006. The nation of Stato, at least. Nations with weaker economies have even more outdated dispositions.
    • Port Metaball can't decide if it's Salt Lake City, LA, Tuscon, or the heart of Afghanistan.
    • Whixtitout can't decide if it's Medieval Japan, Twenty Minutes Into The Future, The New Tens, or a planet-sized Hidden Elf Village (albeit, Neutral No Longer.)
    • Neothode is a giant unholy matrimony of Cities Noir with Everything Is An iPod In The Future space technology and black magic-wielding Pirates and Wizards. Somehow, even with some Steam Punk in a few scenes, the setting avoids being Raygun Gothic. And yet, there's an enclave of The Middle Ages square in the middle of it all!
  • An Ass-Kicking Christmas: Back to back episodes! Dragonball Light Show Baby Jesus, Action Mary, and Joseph the Philosopher feature in the first one, while second one features Badass Santa.
    • "Selective Generosity" is about Bishop Niklo DiMyral forging a temporary truce with some Muhmmaldian horsemen to hunt down and beat up sex traffickers, who abducted three women from an impoverished old man because they knew there was no way he came up with that gold for their dowries on his own.
    • "Essentials of Nativity" is about Maria DiNazalenth being protected by a Mikloche Warrior bodyguard when a Drismabon travels to Mantith to keep Minshus from being born. Think The Nativity Story meets Dragonball Z.
    • Joe/Joseph being a Bad Ass Papa Wolf in The Nativity Story is parodied and subverted in this, as he is constantly getting thrown around whenever he tries to fight supreme evil beings. First, Ruktarusk does this to him when Joe tries to stop Ruktarusk from killing Maria. Then, when Ruktarusk is fully distracted by Thestor, the Devil himself throws Joe against a wall to tempt the young mother. Of course, it doesn't work. Joe is even a bit of a Butt Monkey for good angels, as Gabon's way of setting him straight when he considers deserting his bride-to-be is to show him visions of a Bad Future, in a very Mind Rape-y type way that looks like Tim Kring meets Charles Dickens. (Before telling him that he needn't be afraid of Gabon himself!)
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Varikton's Mosquatlon Army. They worshiped Hiltner's tactics, and sought to create Mosquatlon supremacy by blocking out the sun, muellexically! And this is in spite most of their culture still being stuck in the 1940's!
  • Anti Villain: Alhox.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Evil
  • Hoist by His Own Petard
  • Monster Mash' / Feather Against Proboscis: Underworlds take on this is parodied quite a bit in Reconciliations, where the conflict was started over a charity organization being destroyed by a Mosquatlon tyrant who didn't want the Aviatets' economic problems resolved through any means at all.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: What Liquidon is convinced he's done to start the Imperial War of Markerterion. In reality, it would've happened with or without him killing Astriliad. But by doing that, he convinced Astrabolo to switch from a campaign of conquest to a plan of viral genocide.
  • No Delays For The Wicked: One way of knowing that the Royal Military of Markerterion in Stationery Voyagers isn't too evil is that they actually DO have to worry about mass incompetence in their ranks, including several Idiot Balls being held rather tightly. While not themselves entirely immune to the Idiot Ball, most of Astrabolo's Yehtzig Pirate League plays this trope much more straight. And if they DO fail to accomplish something the easy way...they seem to always have a rocket launcher handy to compensate.
  • Noughties Drama Series: This series wishes it could have been one.
  • Not Wearing Tights
  • Our Angels Are Different
  • Our Aliens Are Different: Stationeries.
  • Our Elves Are Better: Whiteouts.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Mosquatlons.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: Aviatets. They're werebirds!
  • Rescue Arc: Many episodes in Season Three count as their own, with a different Fanatic Of The Week responsible for someone being in trouble.
  • Resigned To The Call: Seemingly half the cast...
  • Ripped From The Headlines: Part of season three's schtick is to satirize Real Life political and cultural events across several decades of American history by showing how they could have been even messier if they nearly all happened at once and while alien diplomats were involved. (See the Trivia page.)
  • Robotic Psychopath: Clandish "Cybomec" Consto, partially subverted in that he was already a borderline-personality psychopath before he was mechanized.
  • Rule of Drama: One reason everyone's so emotionally unstable.
  • Sealed Evil In A Can: Subverted. The Lakeith Pit contains the Muellex inside. While not evil in and of itself, the first sin of mankind is not caring whether or not the Muellex is released, which leads to the logical opening of that giant concrete dumpster...
    • Sealed Evil In A Duel: Emperor Alhox is actually destined to fulfill this role against Melchar, which is also why he is the only one capable of beating Melchar in open combat. (Levio is actually required to hold back his power negation if anyone else attempts to fight Melchar, allowing for a rare Diabolus Ex Machina protection clause to exist.)
  • Serial Killer: Clandish Consto toys around with the idea of making a career out of being a Serial Killer. Then, he decides to become a full-blown terrorist instead. (With plans to become a god.)
  • Shoot The Shaggy Dog: Think the story can't get any darker? By the Final Hope timeline, Astrabolo has returned. The PTG has now become the People's Republic Of Tyranny, with Astrabolo as The Caligula. The original Voyagers are dead...
  • Shout Out Theme Naming: The Xylien Society contains Shout Outs to a LOT of pop-cultural depictions of MIB types. While Men In Black (weird technology, wearing black, and liking to keep secrets from surface Muggles) and Blade Runner ("retiring" rogue Mechies) are pretty egregiously referenced, Heroes tops the list. A lot of references to The Company can be found throughout. The Trivia page has more examples.
  • Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism: This series tries its hardest to be neutral, but leans slightly cynical. Most of the Thirty Xanatos Pileups are the result of some characters being too Genre Blind to realize that Hanlon's Razor applies to them just as much as it does to everyone else. Then again, they do have soul-crushing evil and malice to deal with as well.
  • Soul Jar: "S-chips" (soul-containing, microchip-moduled cartridges) are a type of Soul Jar. Drisalian status of an S-chip's ghost prior to death determines whether or not phantomitics are possible, which determines which type of Librion body is appropriate. (Androidal Librion bodies for humans, Mechanical Pencil Librions for Stationeries.)
  • Stuffed Into The Fridge: Usually averted, at least for women. Just as long as you don't cross paths with Clandish "Cybomec" Consto. Granted, the Mosquatlon heroine Cindy turning into a bomb to save Liquidon; and then blowing herself up to defeat Varikton's monster is probably about the worst example. Susani Malone's death might count as this as well. Hidicky Delft's death is a very straight (albeit, gender-flipped) version of this.
  • Take That: LOTS of them, ranging from American political examples to the occasional Deconstructive Parody of various films/shows. See the Trivia page for examples.
  • Team Rocket Wins: Nonpriel actually manages to capture Rhodney and Liquidon in one episode. They get loose when trying to save their captors from burning up on reentry into Markerterion's atmosphere after Nonpriel revives Consto.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Crepes!
  • Unobtanium: Nobody on Mantith knows how to manufacture lead-balzhite. Nor do they think to actually employ the Voyagers' supply of it to practical application as an energy source, in spite it being at least as reliable as uranium but producing far less dangerous waste.
  • Where I Was Born And Razed: Clandish Consto sought revenge on a girl who got him expelled from grade school YEARS ago, murdered every teacher that ever verbally abused him that was still living, poisoned his own landlord, murdered his landlord's wife, joined an invading enemy army, and hijacked an entire space center. And all in his own hometown! He then proceeds to threaten the world of that army he initially joined, and eventually becomes such a threat to the universe, that the Angel of Death traps him in the Haragad Cavity until the end of time so he can't learn sorcery. So much for the "I'm back" celebration!



Xylien SocietyEdit


Main article: Xylien Society

Find your role in the Web of Destiny today!

The Xylien Society was founded by a band of natives seeking to preserve their culture. In order to avoid conflict with the developing surface world nation of Stato, and to gain cooperation from the large city known as Port Metaball, the Xyliens voluntarily moved their tribes to underground labyrinths. They discovered properties of phantomitics and muellexics that astounded; but not everyone was impressed. The breakthroughs they made with lead-balzhite-fueled technology were intimidating. Some even accused them of trying to play God. By refusing to allow certain practices to be performed on the surface, they were able to become a series of underground reservations with exceptions in place to what were laws of the land elsewhere.

They are known to have the following divisions:

  • Ordinary tribesmen: (And women.) They carry out life in the neon-lit eternal night of the Xylien Underground as ordinary Joes and Janes. Other than their love of dark (gothic?) attire, they are indistinguishable from their surface dweller counterparts.
  • Royalty: King Xanrixter rules over all Xyliens on Statios from his home labyrinth underneath Port Metaball. While Port Metaball is not the capital of Stato, it is the capital of all Xylien civilization. His son, Prince Thrix, likes to spend his time working with various units to ensure that his home and loved ones remain safe.
  • Counter-Terror Specialty Division: Also known as the Leremins, this is one of the least-organized components of Xylien Society. Some of them form the Congregation to combat their lack of structure; but others gladly function as mercenaries and freelancers, known as "Counters." Their primary job is always first and foremost to keep Xylien civilization and its surface dweller cousins protected from the likes of Althorpe and Astrabolo.
  • R & D: The most controversial division, R&D is responsible for artificial reincarnation, the existence of librions, and several other sciences that are barely legal on the surface. Little do they know what important role their work will play in years to come.
  • Edge Skidders: Sometimes working with the Leremins and Counters, Edge Skidders "skid on the edge of life's blade." They are risk-takers charged primarily with protecting the public from rogue Mechies. If R&D makes a librion, and he escapes to wreak havoc, the Skidders are there to keep surface dwellers safe. The agency's existence is the price everyone must pay for tolerating the existence of Mechies to begin with.
  • Diplomacy: This is an over-arching category of several divisions. Maintaining healthy relations with neighbors is a must when you need to band together against a threat like the YPL.
    • Normal Diplomats: There's this division in all its subdivisions, designed for delegates where alliances already exist. But they're not likely to see the most action.
    • Diplex Program: These Diplomatic Explorers must scout for opportunities to break ground on one world at a time. Or between only two worlds at a time. The idea is that they handle the forging of alliances and handling of campaigns primarily on a nation-to-nation level; instead of having campaigns for multiple worlds.
    • Voyager Program: Where the real action is. When worlds have not contacted one another for centuries, the Voyagers help reestablish it. A Voyager should be prepared for anything. They're like a Diplex, but they must be prepared for campaigns in any nation on any world. They are the first in line; and the most likely to meet hostilities from foreign cultures. The Voyager Program recruits for and oversees the initiation of Voyager campaigns, while doing all in its power to keep the public's support up. Voyagers themselves do what they can to establish foreign contacts-and not die. A Voyager is not a warrior; he should run from a fight if doing so is reasonable to be done. A Voyager does not seek to actively instigate trouble; but he may find himself at the center of it no less.


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