"Pokédices Apart" is a song off the Every Ape and His Brother album The Chicken of the Opera. It is the ninth track. It was completed shortly before 5:30 PM EST on February 25th of 2012. It is set to the tune of "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Journey.


The desire to make this song goes back to at least 2001, but has sat on a shelf for years. It is based on a mondegreen, where "love divides" is muffled and sounds like "Pokemon." All the rest of Journey's tune sounds like a possible song from the anime series, so it seemed logical to make the connection even more concrete.


A cocky Pokémon trainer beats everyone easily at matches, and then mocks his most recent opponent. As a mythology gag, he reports on how annoyed they both are that Team Rocket even exists.


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Pokédices Apart

[Instrumental Open]

First verseEdit

Here I stand; /
Time to take out / your last Mewtwo, / Mew / two! /

Endless fights; /
To become / a master it's true / true / true! /

My Charizard's evolved; / if you don't mind! /

I will put / him in play; / and win this time! /

Pokémon! /


Next round, / I'll defeat you; /
With my / two spare Raichus! /
Super / effective too; /

Wish Team Rocket; / would just / go away! /

If Bul- / -basaur wins out; /
Your Meowth/ will surely pout! /
That's what; / it's all about! /

Wish Team Rocket; / would just / go away! /

Second verseEdit

Swoobat time! /
It will leave your Sandshrew in / pain / pain / pain! /

Grimer fight! /
You just used a Snorlax in vain, / in vain / in vain! /

Time that you go, / you've lost this match! /

I've brought my Toxicroak; /and Mr. Mime! /
It's Psyduck time! /

[Repeat Chorus]

[Instrumental break]

Final chorusEdit

Next match / I'll defeat you! /
With my/ last five Sandshrews! /

Blastoise; / will run you through! /


If Butterfree hurts you; /
Your fans / will desert you! /
And Nidoran will too! /

[Instrument break]


Sandlash hates you too; /
That's what Metalpod will do! /

And if Butterfree hurts you; / Your fans will desert you! /

Oh!!! / Yeah!!! /

Lyrics © 2012 Dozerfleet Records. Pokémon characters are registered trademarks of Nintendo.

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