The following is a synopsis of the plot of the Webcomic Gerosha version of Ciem divided by chapter and chapter group.

Gerosha arcEdit

The Gerosha arc deals with Candi and Miriam living under Erin's roof in Gerosha, before the events that spark Candi's dramatic change of life course.

Chapters 1-3Edit

Young Candice Marie Flippo is sitting in her room on an unseasonably cool evening in late August of 2019 in the town of Gerosha, IN. Her triplet sister Miriam is busy giving hacking instructions to friends, and finally gets frustrated and quits for the evening. The two girls are both bored that evening, but both apprehensive about their futures. Realizing that they will inevitably part ways soon, they begin sharing their deepest secrets with each other.

The phone rings and Candi picks it up. She hears a threatening, otherworldly voice on the other end. Assuming it is just a prank, and ignoring her instincts, she hangs up and tells her sister that it was unimportant. The girls finally decide to give each other haircuts before they begin plotting how they're going to part ways. Their caretaker, their much-older sister Erin, awakes from a nightmare and goes to check on the girls. The three of them spend a long time discussing their hidden secrets.

Candi reveals that she has been in a lengthy secret relationship with the superhero Emeraldon, whose real name she reveals to be Donte McArthur. She also reveals how she and Donte teamed up to use their superpowers to defeat a bank robber named "Jeff the Invisible." Miriam confesses to a sexual relationship she had with Phil Couric, a suicidal classmate back in high school.

Erin informs Candi in-depth of why Candi has her mutant centipede powers in the first place, as well as why the Phaelite and Meethlite aliens exist and why both have such vested interest in the fate of the Flippo family. The girls all head to bed when they are done sharing their stories, preparing themselves to go about their usual routines. Candi, however, cannot sleep peacefully.

Next door, two Meethlite gangster brothers named Gunner and Skellig positively identify that their neighbors are in fact the Flippo girls. They conspire with Earth's new Meethlite mob leader, Duke Arfaas, on plans to assassinate the girls. Arfaas also discusses attacking the ships headed for Phaelon, one of which he believes will have Emeraldon on it. He even informs Gunner in particular that he wishes to launch a "doomsday ship" over the city of Gerosha and cause random mayhem to signify their attempt to find and hunt to extinction the "Gifted Flippo" of prophecy.

Chapters 4-6Edit

The following day, the girls all head in their separate directions and the Meethlites carry out their plans. Candi fails to stall Donte effectively and he ends up on the ship that gets captured, where he is presumed dead by the McAuley family. Miriam gets involved in a mix-up during the chaos of the Meethlite attack and is arrested at a party. Erin is murdered by Gunner and Skellig, who regret that Erin wasn't the one they were supposed to kill. Candi ends up in a fight to the death with Don the Psycho, and accidentally kills him while trying to avoid being raped and killed.

Overcome with guilt, Candi flees to the home of the McAuley's, where Tracy used to be Erin's best friend back in college and has since become a mentor for Candi. Tracy tells Candi about the events that have happened while Candi confesses to killing Don. Tracy agrees to help Candi find exile and informs Candi of the need to find her long-missing godfather Imaki Izuki, an inventor who can help Candi out.

Denny Levens arcEdit

After being led to believe that Donte is dead, Candi's life takes a dramatic turn of events that leads to her marriage to the ill-fated Denny.

Chapters 7-10Edit

Candi buys a house in the Viron area and gets a job at the Hazy Eighties Bowling Alley. She spends her time either studying, working, or fighting crime at night in a crude makeshift costume. She selects Forensic Investigation and Criminal Profiling as her major, partially to seek revenge on the criminal underworld for its role in the deaths of her loved ones. She finds that the Meethlites have been forging an enormous conspiracy with the local government, and have several high-ranking officials in the nearby city of Dirbine doing their bidding. Candi herself has a difficult time fitting in with her new surroundings. She is sabotaged at church and generally ignored at school.

Chapters 11-20Edit


Candi learns of her unplanned pregnancy.

One evening though, a man named Denny Levens shows up and rescues her from a trap being set by her enemies in the Viron University faculty. The two of them quickly develop feelings for each other, causing Candi to fear that her newfound affection for Denny will interfere with her vow to love Donte for eternity, dead or alive.

The Meethlites begin to fear that there are numerous Centhuen Prototypes like the Gifted Flippo living in Viron; so they kidnap Jeraime Malestrom and use him as a base to create an evil cyborg named Musaran; custom-tailored to hunting down and killing "CPs." Meanwhile, the Phaelites' failed plant-man experiment Jeral Cormier transforms into the evil Botan and causes some trouble.

Candi finds herself succumbing to her desire to move on with her life and agrees to get into a relationship with Denny and try to forget about her past life with Donte. She finds she is utterly unable to do so, however. Nevertheless, when she loses her job and Denny nearly loses his life in a fight to the death with Gunner, Candi feels overcome with a sense of obligation to Denny. She agrees to marry him. The marriage soon results in an unplanned pregnancy, which Candi finds disables her powers and causes her to lose a battle against Botan. To her relief, Botan soon leaves town in search of a new life and a cure for his condition. However, new enemies Kelsea Linney and Musaran soon become a thorn in the side of the Levens family.

Chapters 21-24Edit

Candi waits out her pregnancy, looking forward to the birth of her daughter Angie. In the mean time, she reads the news every day tearful that she is unable to do anything about Musaran and his killing sprees. The corruption of the police also becomes more obvious every day. She one night intercepts a plot between the police and the Meethlites to advance their agenda. They decide on the side to have Denny Levens murdered by Musaran. Candi barely escapes the Scarr Building on the Viron campus and rushes to beat Musaran to the Levens house. She begins experiencing labor pains that interfere with her concentration simultaneously with the returning of her powers. She fights Musaran in vain and loses the battle when Kelsea Linney launches her car-bomb at the house, nearly killing everyone near the explosion. Candi survives and Musaran flees the scene believing Candi is dead. Candi goes into labor and is hauled away by paramedics to the hospital.

When she wakes up, she barely gets in a conversation with Imaki before he dies; and learns that her telepathic tormentor Kimiyato's psychic powers have been destroyed by the birth and almost immediate death of Angie. Candi and her brother Tom decide to go to Imaki's house and loot it, upon Imaki's dying request. The combination of events plus the revelation that Donte is still alive convince Candi to become the superheroine Ciem, who quickly begins fighting back against the city's criminal element. This leads her into more contact with Musaran as well as a victory against him which causes Musaran to not want to remain loyal to the Meethlites anymore; since his landing upon losing the battle damages his AI backvisor partially. He does, however, still want to kill Donte and Ciem.

Arfaas' overthrow arcEdit

This section of the story deals with how Candi and her new friends overthrow Arfaas' reign in Dirbine and rescue their family members. It also deals with how she frees Jeraime from Musaran's control.


Ciem battles Musaran.

Chapters 25-30Edit

Candi then teams up with her friend at school Laurie Pegol, and they hatch a scheme to get Candi closer to Donte. Once Candi learns the truth, she jumps back into action again as Ciem right as her Phaelite half-brother Ploribus Philippine sends the National Guard after police chief Merle Hourvitz in an effort to reclaim the city from Duke Arfaas' loyalists. Ciem manages to rescue Dolly Malestrom, Jeraime's wife. Candi uses the opportunity of having her friends and loved ones out of the way as her chance to break into the Meethlites' doomsday ship, now hovering over Dirbine. Ciem battles with Musaran to secure Donte's escape from execution and the return of his powers as Emeraldon. Emeraldon then battles to bring down the Meethlites' ship while Ciem stages her own epic battle to free Jeraime from the Musaran AI.

Chapters 31 and 32Edit

The two superheroes both succeed at their separate goals, but Candi does so only at a terrible expense: destroying the Musaran backvisor has left Jeraime blind for life! Dolly shows up, and is nevertheless thankful to have her husband back alive, and with his sanity restored. Candi and Donte begin reconciling their strained romantic relationship, and agree to work sometimes apart and sometimes together to bring down future threats to the city of Dirbine. Donte warns Candi about his never-ending health problems, and Candi promises that she will be faithful to him until the day he dies. They begin contemplating when they should marry, and if. In the end, they are shown as Emeraldon and Ciem, battling to take down Emerealdon's old archnemesis the Sapphire King.

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