Pinkella Goldsen was a corporate princess—no two ways about it. Humble in spite her spoiled upbringing, she seemed to be all sweetness and light to everyone who knew her—until one fateful week when her world came crashing down.

She soon discovered her parents' philandering, as well as their shady business deals and compromises with Yehtzig-style evil. Already developing a tougher skin as she was growing, her heart was nevertheless shattered when she saw exactly how much villainy, corruption, and crime her family was involved in, and was keeping hidden from her.


Pinkella's Mantithian form

It reached a breaking point when her family was murdered brutally in front of her by Corphel Frank, and she was forced to fake her own death to avoid joining them. She was then taken to the Xylien Underground, underwent intense training to be an astronaut, and underwent even more extensive counseling.

Her disappearance caught the alarm of her boyfriend, Arnold Rubblindo, and actually helped inspire that fateful incident that turned him into Pextel, captain of the Bindaf 3000. As a Voyager, she is the team's primary nurturing figure.

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