Pinkata talks with Julia in "Ties That Confide."


Mantithian form for Pinkata

Pinkata Casamada was one of the first things that caught Alhox's attention in his rise to power. She stays humbly by his side, always eager to provide him nurture and comfort when the weight of several worlds rests upon his phantomitic shoulders. She dreams only of being his loving wife; and cares little for the social status she is set to receive upon becoming a queen. She rarely takes part in princess-like affairs, instead preferring to provide helping phantomars to all her friends from lower social classes.

Her innocence annoys Bluque, whose avarice has made him calloused. He has tried corrupting her by encouraging her to sleep with Alhox on his birthday. Alas, it only minimally affected her sweet-hearted nature. Bluque realizes that, while Alhox himself poses little threat to him ever becoming emperor himself; that an Empress Pinkata would have enough popular support to cause a civil war. Therefore, his heart contends that her sweetness and light are more a threat to him than Alhox will ever be. For Alhox's sake, and to keep up the masquerade about who really controls the RMM, Bluque tolerates Pinkata.

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