RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

Pentagon's Bots was a TV series pitch by the Dozerfleet founder in late 1993 and early 1994, which lasted until 1998. It was a spin-off of Super Knights, but had fewer magical elements.


Brilliant inventor Dr. Pentagon and his ghost mimickry-powered friend "Ghastly" build several sentient robots to help them embark on a variety of adventures. After two of the three initial bots are destroyed, three are built to replace them. Meanwhile, Pentagon's rivals build several evil robots to complicate matters.


Random Legos from various sets were jumbled together to create the various cast members, and most of them have been forgotten. However, the following characters are memorable:

  • Dr. Pentagon: An inventor.
  • Ghastly the Phony Ghost: Exactly how it sounds.
  • Gizmo: The first creation by Dr. Pentagon. He is pretty straightforward, and does his tasks happily. However, he is fragile compared to his later companions. Gizmo has a boomerang built onto the back of his head. His left foot is blue and his right foot is yellow, because that's also true of the original Megazord.
  • Rocket: A secondary bot that was made next to Gizmo. Unlike his fairly single-mode predecessor, Rocket is able to transform into a flying mode. He is more of a risk-taker than Gizmo. However, he ends up dead after about a season.
  • Junior: A miniature version of Gizmo, but also slightly more durable. After he and Rocket were destroyed, their parts were salvaged along with some new parts to create a new teammate for Gizmo: Lobster.
  • Lobster: Made partially from the remains of Rocket and Junior, Lobster features a buzz saw and a "lobster claw" built into his design. He could also turn into an airship, but it took more effort than for Rocket.
  • Brute: A flying robot designed to be several magnitudes more durable than the others.
  • Turblin: Dr. Pentagon's sentient car. Can, with some effort, switch to a robot mode.


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