Penguin on Drugs is a canceled short film by Dozerfleet Productions that was meant to be a replacement project for 3-13.


The gist of Penguin on Drugs was that Hooper and Gambino took on alternate reality roles in a PSA version of their world. Hooper would tell the audience about the effects of drugs on a penguin's brain, and compare the results implicitly with the effects on a human brain. It was a parody of the This Is Your Brain on Drugs ad campaign in the 80's.

Gambino would be depicted as his normal self and then his high self, which was depicted as being disoriented and believing itself to be caught in a giant basketball net. Mackley made a cameo at the beginning and end, demanding the audience "LIKE IT!!!"


The project was canceled when most of the 16mm film returned over-exposed and the end of the ad was missing from the returned reel. In its place, a very shortened version of 3-13 focusing primarily on just the game and not the side plot of the drug bust was used in the class.

Plans were to remake 3-13 later with reliable video equipment replacing the finicky film camera and Tri-X. There are currently no plans of reviving Penguin on Drugs.

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