Pavonan is a character from the Stationery Voyagers mini-series Night of the Whiteout. He is the experienced field major for the Cormus Division of the Serinary Regiment, part of the global army the Aviatets have amassed in their efforts to spread Rusalian Communism during Antia and Rusalia's cold war.

His name is derived from Pavo cristatus, the scientific name for the Indian peacock. He is a parody of Lucian from the Underworld films. He gets the jump on both Cindy and Liquidon in the Flamebelly Pass (a parody of the Fire Swamp), and captures Liquidon by spraying him with knock-out gas. Cindy escapes, but not before he throws a ninja star at her and nicks her in the left shoulder. He delivers Liquidon to the Aviatet scientist Fricassee for interrogation.

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