Patty Soma was a phone receptionist at SWOCC Studios and has also done some work there as a producer. She often worked alongside Suzanne Arabian and the Dozerfleet founder in the front area in 2010. Her duties usually consisted of answering calls and interacting with the public.


The following is not a comprehensive list of Patty's work history; but is an overview of her work in 2010 that site staff here is aware of as pertains to Dozerfleet Studios history.


Status: Ongoing
Project Type: Talk show
Client(s): SWOCC Studios, Farmington Hills 8

Catalog #: DZ120
Status: Completed
Project Type: PSA/Documentary
Position: Producer
Client(s): SWOCC Studios, Farmington Hills 8


Catalog #: DZ141
Status: Completed
Project Type: PSA
Position: Public relations
Client(s): SWOCC Studios, Farmington Hills 8, Farmington 15, Novi 13


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