"Passionate Peace" is a poem written by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI in 2008, as part of the Tri-Sola Poetry collection.

Historical significanceEdit

"Passionate Peace" is the first poem to be written after Tri-Sola Poetry became a division of the much-larger collection known as Tri-Sola Writings.[1] It is also the first poem published for Tri-Sola Poetry in 2008.


The major themes of this poem deal with Memorial Day, and with the doubts veterans sometimes feel when they call what went wrong in the campaigns of certain wars. When the veteran in the poem begins to question if anything in his life was worth living when he reflects on the worst parts of both the war and his own personal life, it is the comfort of the cross that soothes his troubled soul.

Poem itselfEdit

"Passionate Peace"

Written in May of 2008.

The young man stood in front of his dresser—Not unusual in his routine, controlled life.

Yet today was different—today he was torn.

Gleaming in front of him—was a Purple Heart.

Reward for his sacrifice—valor!

Evidence of love of country he has upon entry into service—shortly after 9/11.

Yet, he was in tears—as his country was torn apart!

Wondering if his sacrifice was worth it—wondering if it was but a waste!

Upon that he fell on his knees—his tears falling around him!

He felt like Isaiah in the temple[2]—Ruined and afraid!

Yet at that point he saw it—the crucifix on his wall!

The perfect sacrifice—reminding him of the bitter suffering and death of his Lord!

He was still unsure—unsettled about his sacrifice!

But the Lord's was clear—without a doubt!

And He brought peace.

The soldier could not change his past—But his future was forgiven and free!

In Christ's tender loving care.


That afternoon he hung up his metals—including the purple heart.

He nailed them to the cross—a reminder that when doubt came, that it was all seen by the Lord.

It was all forgiven—and His sacrifice brought the soldier peace in spite his misgivings.

© 2008 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.


  1. Hayes, Michael. "A New Poem...A Memorial" (e-mail). Yahoo! Mail. Received in Yahoo! mailbox from G-Mail sender. Tri-Sola Writings. May 25th, 2008. 8:37 PM EDT.
  2. Isaiah 6

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