The following is about a Stationery Voyagers episode. For the similarly-named episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation, see "The Outcast" instead. For the also similarly-named episode in Stargate Atlantis, see "Outcast".

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"Outcasts" is the upcoming third episode of the first season of Stationery Voyagers. It is the debut episode for Oceanoe Hendelbin and Neone Delft in the series, as well as introducing Ronda Moleary and Cal Bacon; and chronicling the consequences of Mitchell and Eliot's heroics at the airport.


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Arnold is abducted by Ted and Yonber, who take him to the underground city labs and transform him into the "mechie" model of “Performance-Enhanced, Xylien-built, T-standard-Engineered Librion,” or "PEXTEL." Oceanoe Hendelbin recounts his past to Rhodney, as the latter suggests its only fair they both know where each other came from. Oceanoe replies that he joined the Voyager program to prove to his brother Obandy that he is not about to let his expulsion from the pop band Sketchcamp be the end of him. Alhox and Bluque go over their plans regarding the invasion of Port Metaball, as well as what order to conduct which campaign in. Alhox struggles to remember his past as the warrior who defeated the Drismabon King Melchar.

Arnold wakes up and panics, escaping the lab. Xylien agents are assembled to recapture him. Captain Nonpriel warns Maraldos, a spy hiding on Neothode, of rumors of a diplomacy scheme in effect by the Xylien Society. Mitchell and Eliot finally get to meet Cal Bacon; but while Eliot quickly gets himself involved in discussion with Cal, Mitchell is distracted by the plight of Ronda Moleary. He learns that she will die without a surgery she cannot afford. Arnold calls home amid panic, and his mother refuses to believe that it is Arnold that called her. He soon learns of his new-found abilities at a local restaurant. He begs his friend Katrina, a worker at the restaurant, to help him when the agents catch up. But she betrays and deactivates him instead.

Mitchell and Eliot observe the sky, and note that the Muellex's behavior is unnatural. They consider it a sign that Stationery beings will soon visit Mantith. Meanwhile on Neothode, Neone Delft take a break from helping her father out to also observe the Muellex's behavior.


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