"Once I'm Gone" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother album Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante. It is a style parody of Nickelback and Daughtry, and the first true style parody ever from Every Ape and His Brother.


The song was written from the point of view of someone who is dying and is contemplating the uncertainty of fate in the afterlife. The individual, implicitly male but kept generic enough to be female if need be; tries to offer the best possible advice for surviving friends whilst dispelling of common poetic clichés that the living use to describe how they feel about the departed, particularly those clichés which the dying individual does not agree with.


The song was created around 3:00 PM EDT on April 5th 2008 from the FLT1000BCAS_13 Dell Optilex GX280 station of the FLITE library of Ferris State University, in commemoration of an inspirational (but cliché-ridden) poem that was recited at the funeral of a young woman named Rebecca Vogelsang. The poem was copied by a Forest Hills Eastern High School student to the Facebook group "RIP Rebecca Vogelsang, you are sorely missed." The poem, also the heading of a discussion thread in that Facebook group, reads: "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep."


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *
"Once I'm Gone"

Verse OneEdit

Once I'm gone; / I don't know; /
If I'll be able / to see you! /

When I'm looking down for you; / from high above! /

All I know / is when I go; /
What there will be of you! /

Is memory / of whether or not; / you could love! /

[Instrumental Break]

First ChorusEdit

Oh...! / And I don't know /
What I will see! /

Not really sure of what I'll be! /

Will I be floating on the stars? /
Will I even know where you are? /

Or will the distance be too far? /

Verse TwoEdit

It'd be nice / to know you care; /
When you stand / by the grave! /

Will I recall you / and will I /
Return the favor? /

And how soon / before we meet; /
And all we know's / a memory? /

What kind of new life will we / hope to savor? /

Lead-in to Second ChorusEdit

So don't look / for me at all! /
I can't help you / when I leave! /

I'm in the arms / of One who can! /
He's the one / you'll have to meet! /

Whether you're rich / or on the street!!! /

Second ChorusEdit

Oh...! / Can't say I'd whisper / in your ear! /
Only I wish / that you were here! /

So when my ship is / safe at bay! /
I pray that / you won't lose the way! /

That once you find me / you can stay!!!! /

Oh...! /

[Repeat Lead-in to Second Chorus]

Verse ThreeEdit

You don't need / to call me things; /
That I / never could be! /

I'd be content / to know I was / your guiding light! /

When the evil / of this world; /
Comes to get / you too then! /

When it gets too great / for you to stand and fight! /


Third ChorusEdit

Trust yourself / to the One who can! /
To the One called / The Great I Am! /

Since He will see you looking down! /
Regardless where / I float around! /

If you are / the next one they slay! /
If He / doesn't chase them all away! /

Then feel / free swing my way! /
And pray to God / that you can stay! /

Oh!... / So if you miss me / once I'm gone! /
Don't fret / cause it won't / be too long! /

If there is faith / and you still care! /
Even if you / cannot find me there! /

At least / the end has come to strife! /
I'll see you 'round / in your new life! /

[Instrumental Break]

[End of Song]

Lyrics © 2007 Dozerfleet Records.

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