"On the Ethics of Creating Werewolves" is an October 9th, 2009 song by Every Ape and His Brother off the album The Chicken of the Opera. It is a parody of "Face Down" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, exploring the theme of why it is never ethical to create werewolves, in a fictional setting where doing so is apparently easy.


Imagine if a mad scientist wanted to make a werewolf, just to see how cruel an experiment it would be, and then laughed at the destruction he caused to his experiment's personal life. It does raise the question, doesn't it? : When is it ever ethical to make a werewolf?


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On the Ethics of Creating Werewolves

First verseEdit

Hey, dude I know you are goin' crazy; /
I put / this injection in your head! /

You'll soon become the monster that I want to make! /
You are the perfect take! /

Cover up / your face / because of all the horror! /
Tell yourself you're never gonna let me win! /
Too bad / the impulse / will soon / take over you! /


Then you'll feel like a beast! / Tear the villages down! /
And rip open a cow / destroy / the whole town! /

As for your girlfriend / the man she loved met his end! /
Now she'll ne'er be your wife; / just run...for dear...LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFEEEEE!!!!!!! /

Second verseEdit

A fiber in your teeth will make a blood-/-lust effect! /
Every victim / you claim / will make you a happy since! /

If you will not feed / then soon / you will begin to faint !/
Your teeth / their blood / will paint! /

They run away / you just go / and hunt / them all down! /
With a / mighty frown! /
They'll be / tortured! /

[Repeat Chorus]

First bridgeEdit

[One day / you'll tear / her giz- / -zard out! / And you'll / Howl!!! /
And bring about her end! /] x 2

[Repeat Chorus]

Second bridgeEdit

Creature / of the night! /
From now / on you must bite! /
And you / will never / have enough! /

Terror on his face! /
She's gone / without a trace! /
And soon / you'll finish them both off! /

[Repeat Chorus x 2]


Creature / of the night! /
From now / on you must bite! /
And so / I just made a werewolf!!! /

Lyrics © 2009 Dozerfleet Records.

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