"Not My Will" is a poem written in February of 2004 by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI for the Tri-Sola Poetry collection.

It was formerly an untitled piece; and was, along with "True Love," one of four poems that would be added to the Fortress Rock Poetry collection in 2004.


The themes of this one deal largely with volition dilemma and challenge decision theology arguments about predestination. (Ephesians 1:3-5), (Colossians 2:13).


The "dead forest" that features in the photo is actually the Grand Ledge House back yard.

Poem itselfEdit

"Not My Will"

Written in May of 2004

Before I had lain cold, and in dead blood;

All my surrounding was entirely, utterly dead.

Yet, though my soul was dead—I perceived…a light…

My heart and veins, though slowly, began to beat…

I began to sense a new reality.

Shortly after that, I stood up.

Those who'd gathered 'round me wonder;

Convinced that I'd raised myself from the dead...

By my own wish, my own action, or my own power.

Yet I stated: "NO!"

"I did not participate in this! I am merely the clay;

Re-created by another!"

They were confused...

"What do you see around you?" I inquired.

"A dead forest," came their reply.

To that I responded: "Once was I like that forest;

But no more, for I live!

Not by my hand, but by the hand of the Jesus who was;

Beaten, crucified, and resurrected; am I no longer like that forest!

It is therefore only in him; that I stand, speak, and live!!!"

I fell to my knees, thankful. But they still did not understand...

© 2004 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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