"No Worries, Dear" is the tenth song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. It is a response/parody to the song "Gwiyomi/Kiyomi" by the South Korean "Hari." In this version, the man being sung to in the original song offers his girl reassurance that her fears of him leaving are not justified.

The response song was completed around 2:27 PM EDT on Tuesday, April 9th of 2013, as a gift for the Dozerfleet founder's at-the-time girlfriend, Annamae Delapeña.


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"No Worries, Dear"

First verseEdit

For you / I would / spend down / to my last / nickel!
(Oh well!) /
Gotta combination / with you / that outta / mix well! /
(Do tell!) /
Cause when you're / within my sight; /
I feel / like I'm / in flight! /

Draw what you / want / on your hands, / I will dream / of wedding bells! /

I've seen / other girls; / but they're not / impressive! /
I will chat with them / but flirting / is in the / past tense!
(I do stress!) /

I have interviewed the gals, / and searched for my ladypal; /
But the searching's / done because, / you've got it all! /

First chorusEdit

Forget the math, / it's you and me! /
No better place, that I can see!

Got in the planner, / what could be! /
We'd make / a lovely / family! /

Nowhere / to go now, / but to be, /
Right next / to you, / my lov-ely! /

No other one / will make me / three; /
Let's carve it / all into / a tree! /

Second verseEdit

Running 'round would / quite frankly / get me / nowhere! /
(My dear!) /
So I'll leave / the world / to its / disappointments / out there! /
(Sounds fair!) /

There is / one promise / I'll make; /
I'll / be here / for your sake. /

So put aside / your worries dear, /
You're not alone! /


See / so / clear, /
That / I am right here. /

Taste the scent / of you / filling up / all the air! /
You / are my longing! /
Want this / moment / to go on! /

Second chorusEdit

Forget your fears, / it's you and me! /
You've just about, / drove me crazy! /

You've put a / major spell on me! /
I'm gonna / explode, / so much glee! /

Don't fret, / no other / lips for me! /
Yours do the trick / effort- / -lessly! /

I'll get a / ring for... /
...You and me! /

Wait / and see! /

Third verseEdit

No more / worries, / I am / here by you / my sweet!/
And / however / long it takes, / I'm gonna be / your treat! /

And the others / had their chance;/
They / missed out / on the dance./

And they sure / did get / me all wrong;/
But now / they're gone!/

Could've had me / right then / and there;/
Now, / I'm yours, Hun!/

Lyrics © 2013 Dozerfleet Records.

Explanation of lyricsEdit

The first line is the singer making a boast about how much he thinks his woman is worth, so as to address his perception that she lacks confidence in him wanting her. "I feel like I'm in flight" refers to the feeling of infatuation butterflies that grows anew within him every time he is near her. "Draw what you want on your hands" is a reference to English lyrics of the original, where the girl talks about them doodling things on their palms. "I will dream of wedding bells" is reminder that he's willing to take things to the next level.

The other major issue in the original is the girl not wanting him to see or talk to other girls, convinced he'd leave her if he did. He assures her that while he cannot cut off all communication with women, he has no intention of leaving her. "I've seen other girls; but they're not impressive" refers to him having frequently gone looking for love before meeting her, only to be let down time and again.

"Forget the math" refers to the "1 + 1 = Cute" and similar lines in the original, saying he's already reached his conclusion. "No other one will make me three" means he can't imagine anyone else but her as the mother of his children, another promise of commitment. "Running 'round would quite frankly get me nowhere" is another reference to how his history of looking for love in the wrong places left him feeling unfulfilled, and how there is no way he'd abandon her to return to that.

"There is one promise I'll make" is a response to the line "pinky-promise me," saying he won't make the same absolute promise as she asks, but he'll make one that is almost the same. "Taste the scent of you filling up all the air" means that he is so into her, that she causes sensory confusion not unlike a hallucinogen. "I'm gonna explode, so much glee!" refers to how he's filled with joy over her enough to overdose on how cute their relationship is.

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