Nikolai Rilpiski was one of many underlings of Varikton's set to oversee his breakthrough in successful invasion of Illontin City. But while the Mosquatlon invasion was still in its infancy, a high school girl named Alaina Pluff had blown a secret passageway to the under caverns wide open. Security risks were immediate, and Nikolai was charged with hunting Alaina down and putting a stop to her before she could expose key operations.

Alaina spends the entirety of "Crepuscular" looking for ways to remain one step ahead of her aggressive pursuer; but he eventually corners her in a storage facility. All hope seems lost, until Cindy shows up to Alaina's rescue. Alas, Nikolai proves too powerful for Cindy in hand-to-hand combat. But he didn't count on Liquidon Ethereteel also coming to Alaina's rescue. He is somewhat aware of the legends of Mikloche warriors, however, and readily sees through the fact that Liquidon's powers are unstable. He even tries to use that to his advantage, attempting to morally paralyze Liquidon while tempting him to go supernova.

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