"Somewhere I Belong" is a music video to the song by the same name by Linkin Park, with appearances by Mutt Mackley and Gambino Penguin.


Mackley and Gambino can be seen in numerous parts of Big Rapids, MI. In these different locations, they act out as best they can their interpretations of events in the Linkin Park song. References to the song include the protagonists being bandaged and them falling from significant heights.

The intonations of Mackley's mouth, in particular, were to indicate extreme pain or passion. In some of the scenes, to indicate that the police are after Gambino, the studio lights in the piece are quickly alternated between on and off while the scene is deliberately off-balanced to make the orange gel look red.


A lot of the footage was used multiple times, as there was not enough time to record all that was needed. This was considered a black mark against the presentation in-class. The submission fared well enough for a decent grade, but was not the class favorite. Still, it was seen as one of the most creative due to the scenes of Gambino and the police lights. The final footage would end up being recorded over on its tape, and otherwise lost.

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