Music For and Inspirational to Ciem 2 is a digital playlist that functions as an unofficial soundtrack for Ciem 2. Its novel counterpart's soundtrack was to be dubbed "Ciem: Nuclear Crisis: The Album," but the parent project was canceled.

Music For 2 parodies the album Music From and and Inspired by Spider-Man 2, and also spoofs the idea of motion picture soundtracks in general by reversing the relationship between the production and the music.

Instead of the music being made for the the production, the production is made independently of most of the music and music is merely grabbed for association with the production as an afterthought.

Track listing

  1. "Screaming Infidelities" by Joanna
  2. "Light Up the Sky" by Yellowcard
  3. "When She Cries" by Restless Heart
  4. "We Close Our Eyes" by Allister
  5. "The Misbegotten" by The Charlatans
  6. "Only You" by Joshua Radin
  7. "Crashed" by Daughtry
  8. "Chariots on Fire" by Rocket from the Crypt
  9. "Tennessee" by The Wreckers
  10. "Nearly Lost You" by Screaming Trees
  11. "Another Perfect Day" by American Hi-Fi
  12. "Dead and Gone" by T.I. and Justin Timberlake

Rationale of song selections

Song selection was murkier in the compilation of this album compared to its predecessor. The mood attempts to alternate between slow songs that can have a romantic context to them and songs that indicate the excitement and drama that Candi and Miriam would have felt as they were fleeing Dirbine during the terrorist attack in Ciem 2. Joanna's version of "Screaming Infidelities" was chosen because it seemed an appropriate foil to Dashboard Confessional's song "Vindicated." Yellowcard's "Light Up the Sky" was seen as a foil to Train's "Ordinary," thus parodying the music choices for Music from and Inspired By Spider-Man 2. The only other song that was entirely deliberate for selection was "When She Cries" by Restless Heart. This song roughly describes the feelings both Steve and Donte feel for their respective girlfriends.

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