"Multicultural Honors Up the Gazoo" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on March 29th and aired on April 1st of 2010, it is the tenth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 23rd episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


Honors on a Roll

Maude Bigford, a coordinator for the school's honors program, was first to visit the scene this episode. She mentions how students who are in the honors program get to live in special halls, attend specialized classes, and more. Leah reiterated a point that Maude made a few seconds earlier, stating: "They probably form a bond of sorts that way."

(This much is true; as honors students often seem to exist only as a rumor on campus. And if you've ever seen one, you probably wouldn't know it save for the fact that they don't talk to anyone who isn't also in the honors program.)

However, Maude did give some clues as to the IDs of some not-so-mythical honors students. She brought up how a few of them were in the His House on campus; one that is also affiliated with Casa Por Cristo. While in Mexico, those students in particular actually built 8 houses. The pre-med and dental students were greeted as MDs at that function. Scott admitted amusement at hearing that. The His House group had been on one semester earlier, claiming they were going to Mexico. What he didn't expect was that so many members of His House were Honors program students. Maude added that Honors students are also involved with St. Jude's, and other various charities.

Leah wondered what their motiviations were to volunteer for so much. Maude explained that it's not really "volunteering" so much as "joining by way of being pressured into it." Leah responded that there should be no reason for students to feel intimidated about volunteering. Scott pitched in that students that like volunteering should find a niche program and stick to it. After plugging for the Big Event yet again, Maude declared surprise that programs started in 1997 had exploded in popularity since then.

Globalization up the Gazoo

Dr. Todd Stanislav (sporting a young Pat Sajack haircut) joined forces with Dr. Rebecca Sammel to argue for why the school had a sudden newfound interest in market globalization. According to Beck, Globalization is nothing for students to be afraid of. It may be necessary to look overseas for a job, after all. Leah remembered that someone from Turkey had visited the campus before, discussing that very same topic.

Todd brought up a few other names related to the topic that had visited Ferris, including the daughter of a bishop. Becca moved on to mention a student from Chicago that wanted to visit Ferris to talk more about India. Leah moved on to claim that in the future, students may very well find themsleves working with someone from India. Therefore, nothing should come as a surprise. Of all the RSOs that Becca claimed to work with, she mentioned that the pro-India group was by far the most successful.

Multicultural Festivities on the Brain

And one of the first things Sandy had to mention was an upcoming festivity where there'd be plenty of good foreign food dishes to sample. Scott, fumbling for the right words, nodded and agreed. The two of them went on to explain that there are benefits to such functions centering around food: it helps different sides to avoid touchier topics of discussion that would more easily breed resentment.

Sandy then reminded everyone that it was Women's History Month. He had served in past years on the committee for activities pertaining to said month. Gals are asked every year to name their current role models, as well as their favorite traditional role models. On softball, Sandy brought up that Coach Becker focuses on developing her juniors and sophomores the most, so that there will always be good seniors when the main seniors that year leave. Sandy also mentioned that the girls in softball had an upcoming game against Lake Superior State.

Touching on elections, Sandy reminded Scott that campus board elections were coming up.

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