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"More Than Triumphant" is the fifteenth episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers and the 48th episode overall.


The Voyagers, trapped inside Lamdock's death maze, are tested in their dedication both to their faith and to each other as they try to survive the traps and defeat their captor. An injured Rhodney falls through a vent, and prevents the execution of Melanie - which Lamdock ordered be carried out since his initial plans with Nonpriel failed. Nonpriel objects that killing Melanie would make for major trouble with Abberwaad. Lamdock scoffs at Nonpriel's suggestion, arguing that he should have thought about that before selling his soul. Lamdock then kills Nonpriel in human form, taking control of the Red Fleet troops remaining and insisting he is their new master.

Rhodney, after freeing Melanie, looks for a way to sabotage the mainframe that serves as command central to all the death traps in the maze. Liquidon finds the two, and plans to go with them. However, the others prove unable to fight off their robotic adversaries without Liquidon's help. He promises to come back for them. Against his own better judgment, he starts using his Mikloche power in human form to help the other Voyagers survive.

Erasaxo discovers that while the Xylien delivery of more 5-scale fuel rods will be a whole extra three days, there is an ample supply of 7-scale fuel rods. Pextel via S-chip interpreter tells Eraxaso to do whatever is necessary to aid the other Voyagers' odds of survival, even if it means teleporting himself into the mess. Erasaxo finally confesses that the Xyliens turned Richard Ribando into an S-chip against his will. He reveals that their last hope may very well be the reconstructed Cybomec body that Ribando would have to inhabit. Before proceding, briefing Ribando, and sending him to the coordinates, Pextel and Erasaxo contemplate the ramifications on team morale of having their newest teammate in a body so strongly resembling that of one of their most terrifying fallen adversaries.


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