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Mod The Sims is the primary custom content site from which content used to be downloaded for use in all of The Gerosha Chronicles. It was founded in late 2004 and early 2005 by users Delphy and HystericalParoxysm, with the intent of providing a constructive alternative to The Sims 2 Exchange for players of The Sims 2 to download material from. It also became the best site available to obtain game hacks from, and remained so for a long time.

Branch-off sitesEdit


Main article: DzMD

Several sites eventually branched off from it as certain members of its community found it more worth their while to expand. The Dozerfleet founder in particular found it more pragmatic to create Utterly Sims (later DzMD) at The Dozerfleet Forum as an alternative to having to constantly try to force every single download and screenshot to meet MTS standards.

As of 2010, all DzMD content that was on Mod The Sims was moved off site and to other locations. This had to do not only with increasing demands for quality (including the prospect of sudden permanent removal of material that formerly was standards-compliant,) but also with creative differences with certain staff members on technical issues, as well as the desire in increase marketing potential by removing conflicting interests.

Much of the conflict revolved around unwillingness by some to accept certain terms and definitions as valid when describing documented glitches with Sims 2 and its Debug Mode trash can cheats. Other issues dealt with rejection of downloads for reasons that were false, and with heavy-handed and non-constructive reactions by certain staff to threads; the reactions indicating an unwillingness to read thoroughly before acting. In addition, abusive remarks made by certain non-staff users to the Dozerfleet founder treated by MTS staff with selective enforcement, resulting in hard feelings. Further acts of targeted harassment committed against the Dozerfleet founder in MTS Social's Chat channel led him to self-exile from chat.

Efforts to patch things up were made in 2014, by utilizing the upload system to test the acceptability of Sims 4 recreations of characters through Dozerfleet Labs' methods. To avoid harming any Dozerfleet Comics property, a re-creation of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in The Godfather was uploaded. The upload scored 30/50 points in the upload testing system, with moderator justJones stating that the only reason the upload was rejected was due to the lack of in-game screenshots. The only reason there were no in-game screenshots was because the upload was made with the Sims 4 Create-a-Sim Demo, not the retail version of the game. Therefore, there was no neighborhood to place Vito in. The other criteria, however, proved that the files worked and that the system was safe for inclusion of re-creations on DzMD.

Sci-Fi SimsEdit

Also alleging abuse by MTS Staff, Amyo87 of MTS splintered off to create the downloads wiki titled Sci-Fi Sims, hosted at the farm Wetpaint. "AmytheJedi" had downloads for Sims 2 that revolved primarily around specialized re-creations of major sci-fi films and TV shows, with her Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Watchmen re-creations standing out. The Mask and Snakes on a Plane were featured there as well.


So great was the demand for InSimenator mods when they first came out, that MTS risked becoming known for this one and only mod - one that was passionately condemned by Electronic Arts. The InSimenator eventually got its own site, along with a section for Squinge-related mods. InSimenator.NET, later, evolved as a network and website. However, it eventually no longer supported its namesake download. TwoJeffs' Blender was later promoted for use as its replacement.

More Awesome Than YouEdit

Not wishing to clog up and dominate the game hacks section of MTS with early versions of game mods, TwoJeffs and JMPescado branched off to create their own site with Crammyboy, and titled it More Awesome Than You (or "MATY.") While MATY had been through various transformations in appearance and content, it remained one of the most popular go-tos for experimental game hacks. The hacks at MATY were focused primarily on removing annoying behaviors from Sims games.


This site since its inception became a specialty shop for IngeJones and her experiments in creating institution-oriented mods.


Helaene, being an artist for a living, needed a way to constantly update her own website and material. For the longest time, her site was hosted on the same servers as MTS, making her officially affiliated while remaining separate. Helaene's specialty was in makeup, though she was also known for creating highly realistic skintone and eye default replacements that allowed Sims storytellers to create more life-like photos when combined with GunMod's Radiance Lighting.

Rose SimsEdit

Jen, being from China, wished for a site that would appeal primarily to a Chinese audience of Sims players. She also wanted a site that would specialize in her fantasy creations. Hence, she created the identity of ROSE-SIMSTV at MTS. When that didn't prove sufficient to her needs, she dropped "SIMSTV" from her alter-ego and became known simply as Rose to the outside world.

Rose currently runs Rose Sims. It is the primary go-to site for custom weapon and hair meshes, offering things that cannot be found even at such weapons specialty locations as VampCat's section at Sims2Workshop nor hair as elaborate as that found at PeggySims.


This site became a specialty store in the creation of reproductive mods and semi-expansions for The Sims 2, eventually expanding its way into Sims 3 content. Jase, creator of the InTeenimator, currently hosts his popular-yet-controversial hack on Simbology. Several mods created by TwoJeffs that have been improved from their versions on MoreAwesomeThanYou have also been added, as well as a hacked plant called the Blender. Combined with Cathair2005's hacked dresser, the Blender helps function as a replacement for the now-unsupported InSimenator. Users of the Blender have noted how it is not nearly as prone to interfere with game functionality as was its spiritual predecessor, as it is more stably built and less likely to cause game crashes.

By far, the InTeenimator remains Simbology's claim to fame. This mini-expansion completely changes the game's treatment of reproductive code, allowing for Teens and Young Adults to have all the same privileges as Adults. It also includes miscarriages, abortion, homosexual reproduction, alien reproduction, teen pregnancy, birth control, and fertility treatments. When used in conjunction with certain hacks by TwoJeffs, it may also be used to regulate the births of triplets and quads.

The Sims ResourceEdit

Starting out as a pay site, Sims Resource eventually went fully-free via heavy ad support; becoming one of MTS' biggest competitors and sporting an upload policy even more stringent.

Other sitesEdit

At least 88 prominent fansites are known to exist for the Sims franchise, some of which were never part of MTS initially and others of which are none-too-ashamed of having splintered off with it. Some remain affiliated or associated with MTS, while others have become all-but-entirely independent sites, offering only links to MTS user meshes when necessary.

A complete list of "noteworthy" fansites can be found here.

External linksEdit

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