"Miss A. Defendant" is from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante. It is a parody of Kelly Clarkson's song "Miss Independent."


This song was written first back in January of 2004, as a response to the popularity of Kelly Clarkson's radio hit being overplayed on the radio. Instead of being about a woman with a desire for independence falling in love, it's about a woman accused of murder being sent to the electric chair.

The song was submitted to AmIRight's around 11:05 PM EDT on Thursday, July 24th 2008.


The song was met at AmIRight with mediocre acknowledgment, ranking in a rating of 3.5 after two submitted votes. The user Yet Another Dutchman had the following to say:

I hate to be harsh and leave you in the middle with a 333, Bulldozer; I actually quite enjoyed this parody, (and I know I'm not one to talk as I've written some lame things in my day), but the pacing was off sometimes, and the theme of execution is difficult for me to laugh about. Nevertheless, I love the original song and admire your effort tackling it.[1]


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"Miss A. Defendant"

First verseEdit

Miss A. Defendant! / Miss "I'm Innocent!" /
Miss / no evidence! /

Miss Stand Alone! / Miss "I was at home!" / Miss Never / let the truth... /
Be revealed! / Nooo!!! /

She thought that / the case was solid! /
Never knew / the D.A. / was so good! /

Little Miss Clear Perspective / let a frown! /
She got convicted! /

First chorusEdit

What is this feeling taking over? /
Behind the bars / a painted-white door! /

Surprise! / It's time… / to feel… / cold steel!/

What happens to Miss A. Defendant? /
Strapped head to toe / and unrepentant! /
Goodbye! / She's through! / The chair… / is saved for you! /

Second verseEdit

Miss Crooked Heart / just wasn't that smart! /
The forensics / officer / found DNA! /

The gal miscalculated! / Her little murder scheme was overrated! /
And that Miss / decided / there was / simply no way out! /

So / she tried to plead insanity! / A facade of humanity! /
But the jury inside / just would have / no pity! /

She got convicted! /

[Repeat first chorus]


When Miss A. Defendant / met her fate... /
They made sure that she suffered real great! /

She looked at the seat / and thought / "Today, /
How could it all end / with me dead this way?"

No time for a joke before she fried! /
Much rejoicing / that she died!!! /

Second chorusEdit

What is / this feeling / taking over? /
Behind the bars / a painted-white door! /

Surprise! /
Guess what! /
12,000 watts! /

What happens / to Miss A. Defendant? /
Strapped head to toe / and now repentant… /
Too late! / She's through! / The chair… / was tried and true! /

[Loud electric noise]


Miss A. Defendant… /

Lyrics © 2004 Dozerfleet Records.


  1. Yet Another Dutchman. "Miss A. Defendant" at AmIRight. Comments section. AmIRight. July 25th, 2008.

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