Mindy Liptash is a private investigator in the Dozerfleet Literature canceled series Kozerlen. When the series was considered as a possible pitch for a mini-series for TV practicum class in the fall of 2009, Mindy was going to be portrayed by Angelina McClane.

Character bio

Mindy is an extremely bitter detective, one who has a habit of disappearing and reappearing at odd intervals. It was to be revealed later on that she lost a sister to a no-good boyfriend planting bad suggestions in the little sister's mind. That bad boyfriend turned out to be part of some sort of conspiracy in Germany. She is initially distrusting of Jessie, but begins over time to see her as a potential ally. Corvin the Caller sends harassing and cryptic messages to her and Jessie both.

Her edge includes a tendency to bully and intimidate those she interrogates beyond what is necessary to get the information needed. Some think she is Kozerlen, a claim she adamantly denies. While she gains respect for Jessie, who starts to become more like her as time progresses, she has very little respect for a lot of the friends that Jessie acquires.


In early September of 2009, the Wednesday evening TVPR 318 class at Ferris State met to discuss pitches for a TV series. The first truly ambitious one to be pitched was Mackley's Wardrobe. Dozerfleet founder classmate Angelina McClane was to be cast as Charlotte Duvarin, a dorm student who had to keep secret the fact that Mutt Mackley had taken up residence in her dorm room wardrobe. The entire pitch fell apart when Angelina revealed that she found it awkward to interact with a puppet.

However, Cassie's idea for The Widower and the Conspiracy soon became The Widow and the Conspiracy, which was then renamed Kozerlen to give it an X-Files vibe. The Dozerfleet founder genuinely wanted to give Angelina a role that could show off what she as a stage theater actress was truly capable of, and the part of Mindy Liptash seemed perfect. The role fell apart when classmate Chris Wilson took it upon himself as the director to radically alter the entire direction of the class' creative ambitions. He convinced a reluctant Zach Foster to play the hero and the missing party, reducing both Cassie and Angelina to very minor roles while making the Dozerfleet founder and fellow classmate Kyle Mayer play villains. Development of Mindy Liptash as a character was abandoned shortly thereafter.

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