Mihaela Voicu is a Romanian model best known for her book cover art and stock photography.


On her official website at SquareSpace, Mihaela claims to love doing photography involving supernatural themes. "All things fantasy and paranormal." She is a fan of doing book covers, and gladly accepts professional offers for her to do work in book covers.

Dozerfleet involvementEdit

Mihaela's "Red 3" photo was altered on July 1st of 2016 to make her look more like Lemon Witch, given her already strong resemblance to the character. This has made her the official face template for all live action depictions of the character from that point onward. This resemblance was further celebrated in a GirlsAskGuys take here.


Her name is misspelled "Mihaelia" in the GirlsAskGuys take.

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