"Mere Pittance" is the first poem in the collection of Tri-Sola poems made by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI in 2003 and 2004. It was written around or shortly before the essay "Petals" and poem "Powerful Comfort".


It's theme is primarily one of Lenten reflection. The picture was originally a thematic snapshot to a web page for the poem, shot using a FinePix 2650 camera; and was transposed with a black-purple gradient layer in Photoshop. The crosses are actually sticks and straw in the dirt located near the remains of an old barn foundation. The piece was originally titled: "Reflections: Mere Pittance," and was written in April of 2003.

Poem itselfEdit

Mere Pittance

Formerly “Reflections: Mere Pittance” by Mike Hayes, written April of 2003

On a quiet and somber night;

We focus our hearts toward your pain.

Slowly and passionately, we show a physical example.

It is for my sin that you died, O Lord,

For mine that you were mocked,

Spit on, and crucified.

With all the pages and depth you give me;

I don't think I'll ever understand the pain and death you endured for me.

I cannot understand it; nor could I ever pay you back.

That is why you came, O Lord,

Because I could not.

Not with all my possessions, all my works,

Nor my understanding, intellect, or power,

Could I ever achieve one speck of forgiveness.

So, Lord, take my humble heart:

This mere understanding of your love—all that you give me.

By your strength, spirit, and power, allow me to be a living vessel,

No matter what it may take.

For what I give up is a mere pittance;

Compared to what you did for me…

Lord, give this simple understanding breadth, width, and support,

So that I may share it with the world…


© 2003 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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