Maurice, the Ferryman of Fate is an angel in Dozerfleet Comics. Being a "Lesser Angel of Death," he is responsible for ferrying souls of the recently-deceased to the Divine Courtroom, to face judgment and determine their ultimate fate in eternity. He is in some ways a "good guy counterpart" to typical depictions of the Grim Reaper, although he has a chillingly stoic demeanor most of the time. Originally intended to appear in Stationery Voyagers, he is a multiversal singularity capable of traversing the entire Dozerfleet Megaverse. He is one of Cherinob's allies, and doubles outside his normal class as the personal guardian of Earth-G7.0 Tabitha Pang.


He is an Angel of Death, both executing souls when necessary and ferrying souls from their original residences to the Divine Courtroom. He is a mysterious creature and a close friend to the angels Levío and Filforth, who are charged with protecting the Voyagers.

Utterly Sims bioEdit

Maurice the Ferryman has gone by many names. Grim Reaper. Angel of Death. Shinigami. He ferries souls of the dead and dying where they need to go. But he has, on rare occassion by divine command, taken on a more active role in actually killing his targets. He has also abducted targets in the past. One Yehtzig pirate threatening Neone Delft and several schoolchildren was sent by Maurice to the Haragad Cavity; where he met a gruesome demise at the clutches of one of Maurice's other victims.

In the early days before modern science, Maurice was also responsible for helping to restore stability to Mantith whenever a Drismabon would succeed in making a trip over. Due to the Chameleon Amulet, and other things true of Drismabons, Levío could not neutralize all their activities. That is why select Whiteouts from Whixtitout were sent to Mantith from time to time as Mikloche Warriors; to battle wizards and Drismabons on Mantith. Maurice is in charge of delivering Whiteouts from Whixtitout's surface to Mantith's; since early Mikloche Warriors did not have spaceships.

However, Maurice's delivery of a Whiteout to Mantith often had the odd side effect of the Drisalian Curse begins to losing its hold over them the longer they remained on Mantith's surface. It also makes Mikloche unstable; so Whiteouts have a very limited time frame on Mantith to complete their goals. Once completed, Maurice sends them back to Whixtitout to revert form and remain stable.

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