First Lieutenant Maraldos Solbadado can best be described as eager. He is eager to see his country come out on top. He is eager to topple Astrabolo. He is eager to see a good turnout. And he's a thousand times more capable than his superior Nonpriel.

Nothing ever seems to get him down, but that doesn't mean he isn't a darkened soul. He has standards, and isn't evil enough to topple anything in his way. However, he revels in run-down buildings and dangerous places. He loves gothic skyscrapers and endless rain. One thing that does truly sadden Maraldos is that Nabijab has all these things; yet he must destroy it if Astrabolo takes over.

With all his unquenchable zeal, he finds a distraught and despairing Clandish Consto on a roadside one rainy evening. His foretelling of the Lightning Zebra Legend and of a coming Third Zebra proves to be all too effective, however. One of his single greatest regrets was underestimating the monster he'd created: Cybomec.

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