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Welcome to the Dozerfleet Database, the official project log and character directory for Dozerfleet Productions and all its divisions. In addition to the Dozerfleet Comics Megaverse and all its associated properties, this wiki will catalog a select number of works and artists of a similar nature that have agreed to be promoted here.

Creator highlights

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Joining the Fleet

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Blood Over Water

MariaTalkingToXira Cagegirl
VlkRoSClip Volkonir: Rise of Semaphry
CherinobHuntingRiptchokal Cherinob
Books that almost were

Ciem: Vigilante Centipede

This take on Ciem mythos sought to reinvent the character in a setting even darker than that of her Classic Gerosha comic form, and to take the same basic premise and turn it into a novel that could be sold in stores. This was as a response to the fact that the original webcomic was made inside a video game, and therefore could not be made for profit. Ciem mythos was reinvented yet again as Cataclysmic Gerosha in 2012, in reaction to the elections of that year and also to streamline and integrate characters and their interactions better. As such, the world of this novel was made defunct, cancelling it and its planned sequels.

90 Has No Secant

Also done away with as part of continuity streaming for Cataclysmic Gerosha, this book was part one of what would have been The Meshalutian Trilogy. It attempted to capture the vibe of early-2000s J-horror, as a family trapped in their home during a supernatural hurricane has to use their wits to survive - even as home invaders plot additional malice for the family!


(a.k.a. The Culinaries [English title]).

This silly graphic novel epic would have revolved around a team of chefs sent on a mission to cook aliens that rain from the sky - before they become a threat. Adam-00 proposed the novel over a dare in a message board, over who could come up with the silliest possible premise for a graphic novel. Alas, the concept of Cagegirl overshadowed Kulinaruz, ensuring it would (probably) never be released.

Blood Over Water

View the original 2009 Classic Gerosha version of Blood Over Water, while the novel adaptation retooled for Cataclysmic Gerosha continuity remains a work in progress. Comes with a blooper reel. And a teaser trailer ad for the novel (regular and in 3D.)

The Future of Dozerfleet Studios


This division is currently in archive mode, until new video material can be produced.

  • Ciem (2007)
  • Q-Basic Gorillas
  • Camelorum Adventures
  • Daredoers
Comics that once were
  • Defenders of Stick-Man Village
  • When Bikes Argue
  • Gored By Them Things

  • Sodality
  • Camelorum Adventures
  • Grillitan Diner
  • Ciem: Inferno
Other show ideas spotlight
  • Stationery Voyagers
  • The Trapezoid Kids
  • How Screwed Are They, Really?
  • Swappernetters
  • Blood Over Water
  • Kozerlen
  • Mackley's Wardrobe

Gigaverse Color Legend

The Gigaverse refers to all universes that have perchance within Dozerfleet to interact with one another, on this wiki or directly in their continuities. It contains the Dozerfleet Megaverse, as well as the other artists' universes. Each universe should eventually be assigned a color flag to identify infoboxes and other fields as belonging to one or another universe. The Megaverse includes the Gerosha Multiverse, Dromedeverse, and more.

= Gerosha universe

= Dromedeverse

= Voyagerverse

= Cherinob universe

= Gorillaverse

= Cagegirl universe

= Volkonir universe

= No universe color assignment

Dozerfleet Comics Rating System

Want to adopt the Dozerfleet content rating system for your own webcomics? Find out how!

Which Gigaversal (outside the main Megaverse) creator's work interests you the most?

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Note: Adam-00 runs the Cagegirl graphic novel and all tie-ins. Prodigal-Gamer is behind The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens and one of two creators behind Camelorum Adventures, which is an adaptation of the Emily and Jen saga that puts it in the same world as Grillitan Diner and The Trapezoid Kids Movie.

So far, which image format do you prefer for character art?

The poll was created at 17:10 on August 22, 2016, and so far 0 people voted.

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Results of previous polls
  1. Xira is the most popular heroine so far, beating out Lemon Witch, Semaphore, Ciem, Suncore, and Cherinob.
  2. In spite being under a spell that makes him look like a gorilla, women seem to prefer Col. Flix over Volkonir and Chris Kennal.
  3. Most are convinced if the Bison attacked them, he'd burn their souls rather than swallow them, hoof and gore them, or possess them.
  4. The Bison is by far the most feared villain in Dozerfleet so far. Nobody fears Gwirmalesh or his monsters (yet.) Tobey the Toilet Monster and Musaran each got only one vote. The Bison got 4.

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