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"Mach 86" is the twelfth episode of Stationery Voyagers, and deals with the epic showdowns that lead to the Voyagers setting out on their Neothode Campaign.


With RMM ships distracted by a war with Statios, Astrabolo carries out his evil plan. The Voyagers finally launch inside the Bindaf 3000.

A few la-Qualda terrorists infiltrate the Xylien Underground to interfere with the launch, but are met with resistance from Laremin agents and Skidders.

Meanwhile on Mantith, Mitchell searches for a job, with Ronda supporting him. At the same time, Eliot begins searching for the ideal retirement home. When Mitchell offers Eliot a place with him, Eliot argues that he has served his purpose in Mitchell's life; and that Mitchell must now make something of his life without Eliot's assistance.

Mitchell shows concern, but Eliot points out that Ronda is more than an adequate replacement.


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