"Lower!!!" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Morbid! The Horrendous Hobo!!!. It is a parody of Creed's song "Higher".


This song was written because of the ease of switching switching the theme, and also because of the ability to tweak a demon-like twist on Scott Stapp's voice.

Story in the songEdit

Instead of being about the power of lucid dreaming, this parody focuses on a man in medieval times, Erliphus, urging his comrades not to be deceived into joining a cult of blue-cloaked men. He graphically describes victims of the deception as they are dragged to Hell, as well as what the damned see on a regular basis.


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First verseEdit

While scheming; /
They spread into all the world; /
To be a big, bane! /

Hurts my eyes! /
The cloaked men do not sleep! /
It brings me great / discomfort / and disgrace! /

Cause they will hunger; / to steal away your soul!!! /
End the life you live / while you're /


So don't go there... / Don't make that mistake! /
Come on, / don't join them... /
You'll never escape!!! /

They will drag / you / lower!!! /
To a place where dead souls scream!!! /

They will drag / you / lower!!! /
To a place / of / scary dreams!!!/

Second verseEdit

Although they, / say they stand for good change; /
It help if you / appreciate, / your current way's dreams! /

And my friends, / don't sacrifice what you have; /
And fall for their, / ultra-sini- / -ster / scheme! /

The major, / difference is, / they'll trick and then, / leave you in; /
Pain without debate! /

[Repeat chorus]


So don't go there... / Don't go there... /
Come on, / don't go there... / There is no debate!!! /

[Instrumental break]


Much lower you'll feel like you're; /
Trapped in the most; /
Painful of chores! /

Still lower your so inclined; /
To be lava-soaked; /
Or in the grind!!! /

Much lower you'll feel like you're; /
Trapped in the most; /
Painful of chores!!! /

[Repeat Chorus]

Finale chorusEdit

They will drag you lower!!! /
To the land where dead souls scream!!! /

They will drag you lower STILL!! /
To the worst of evil's schemes!!! /

Lyrics © 2006 Dozerfleet Records.

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