The following is a listing of the episode premises to season one of the series idea pitch for Snakes on a Plane: The Animated Series.

Snakes on Air Force One, Part 1
Team Mongoose is initially sent with the Secret Service to guard the President before receiving their orders to monitor the possible next move of Joi's forces in France. But long before they can do that, they find that Joi has somehow released a variation of her special aggression drug on an army of snakes, releasing them all over Air Force One on the 20th anniversary of Flight 121!

Barely making it onto the plane, Terry must meet up with the others as he escapes ground security. Having witnessed Joi's plot while in hiding, he feels he absolutely must warn the president.

Snakes on Air Force One, Part 2
Things go haywire in the sky, as the squad must battle a new army of snakes on one of the most important planes in the world!
Spiders on a Staircase
Team Mongoose must protect the Palace of Versailles' tour group from Joi's latest scheme: to attack all of the city of Paris with drugged tarantulas, black widows, and brown recluses! Can Team Mongoose ward off this eight-legged evil?
Ants on a Bathroom
Team Mongoose is vacationing in Georgia, or so they think! But when they get to the hotel, it's now ordinary ant infestation! When Kelsea gets bitten by fire ants, will Team Mongoose be able to rescue themselves (and the hotel) in time?
Posters on a Ceiling
Suspecting that Joi is up to her old tricks in Russia, Team Mongoose goes to explore. But they find that someone else is trying to create a zombie virus! Can they thwart off a threat using clues left on the ceiling, or will they become the next infected undead?
Fleas on a Date
Joi's henchmen decide to destroy Team Mongoose from within. As Kelsea and Terry begin developing feelings for each other, their beach-front date in Hawaii is cut short by an itching sensation! When Joi drugs both of them as well, they begin to have paranoid delusions about each other, and blame each other for the itching! Can Don disinfect them and restore their relationship before the parasites spreading across the island infect him too?
Scorpions on the Subway, Part 1
Joi sets a distraction for Team Mongoose in Tokyo. As Don and Kelsea explore an old house where they believe a murder has taken place, they soon find an army of Kim-drugged hornets! But Terry decides to visit with an old friend. He soon finds himself separated from the others on the subway, in search of the old friend - when an army of Kim-drugged scorpions unleashes itself on the unwitting passengers!

When the scorpions take control of the train, what to do?

Scorpions on the Subway, Part 2
Team Mongoose must use all their ingenuity to overcome the scorpion threats and be on the next flight out of Japan.
Roaches on a Memory
Team Mongoose defeats an army of drugged snakes in Bulgaria, and then retires to a nearby hotel. Upon arrival though; they encounter a natural infestation of cockroaches. However, the thing acting unusual is not the roaches...but Kelsea! Her childhood fear of cockroaches, long repressed, suddenly returns!

A spy of Joi's learns of this and stalks Team Mongoose to a mental health clinic back in Washington. After creating a diversion in Canada for Terry and Don by launching snakes in the Prime Minister's office, Joi zeroes in on using her Kim-drug on cockroaches and stag beetles. Will Kelsea be able to overcome her painful memories long enough to help the other inmates escape the menacing monsters, or will they all be frightened to death?

Wolves Around a Lighthouse
Team Mongoose gets reports of suspicious activity when some overly-aggressive wolves begin terrorizing the population of a small town on an island in Washington state. But are the wolves really the work of Joi's Kim-drug, or something far more sinister?
Salamanders on a Helicopter, Part 1
Team Mongoose is sent to Louisiana to find a helicopter that is believed to have crashed with a pilot carrying sensitive information. But when they arrive at the scene of the crash - there's just dead salamanders and no pilot!
Salamanders on a Helicopter, Part 2
With the salamanders testing positive for Kim-drug, the question remains: what became of the pilot? And what if his information truly has fallen into the wrong hands?
Worms on a Wormhole
A five-star hotel suddenly has Kim-drug positive worms of every type infesting it! The banquet is ruined by the endless array of worms getting in! Intestinal worms infect the guests of a banquet, and Team Mongoose is called in to investigate. But when they search under the hotel for the answers, they find themselves falling through a hole and into another world!

Will they ever find their way back? What will Joi do to the earth without Team Mongoose? And where are they anyway?

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