The following is a list of characters that either do not feature in more than one chapter and/or are not essential to driving forward the plot of the Ciem webcomic.


  • Poison Dart Eddie: A nightclub dweller with considerable influence over the local skating rink in Viron. His attempts to rape women are foiled by Candi's interference.
  • Bumphrob: A spy for the Meethlites who works at the library on the Viron University campus. When he suspects Candi and Laurie are about to crack the case of the conspiracy and feed the news to Ciem, he seizes the opportunity of Candi talking to another girl in the library as a means to cause trouble for Candi and Laurie both. He is the one who tips off the corrupt Dirbine police to Candi's whereabouts.
  • Yuri Krennt: A Meethlite sympathizer with a defunct website called "The Necklace Forum," also a professor at Viron who originates from Canada. He is an atheofascist and despises Candi's religious convictions, wishing to bring about Candi's demise.
  • Emille Kayne: A teacher at Viron who despises Candi due to a fallout her friends had with Candi on a message board years previous; desires to work with the Meethlites towards Candi's demise but ends up killing herself and Merdie before getting a chance.
  • The Ill-Fated Driver: A carjacker who meets an untimely demise after stealing Jeral's car. Jeral uses his powers as Botan to have the driver turned into a tree, taking advantage of the fact that Candi forces the driver out of the car. He is a parody of Dennis Carradine from the first Spider-Man film in that he is a carjacker who is foiled by the hero. However, he is kept separate from Gunner and Skellig, who are the murderers of the Ben figure (Erin Flippo.) His death is a parody of an idea that featured in 1991's Swamp Thing animated series.


  • Claire Rauscher: A self-proclaimed butch lesbian who shares a floor with Dagmar in the Hallison Hall on the Viron University campus. She ends up as one of Musaran's many victims, but was also one of the first to cheer on Candi for saving the women of the nightclub from being raped by Poison Dart Eddie.
  • Dagmar: A Centhuen Prototype designed to inferior power specifications of those used to create Candi. Dagmar has very little healing factor compared to Candi, and still has partial control of her centilegs even when two months pregnant. She tries in vain to battle Musaran in the Hallison Hall, but is beheaded.
  • Khumar Hamilton: Donte's half-brother, who grows extremely paranoid after most of his family is captured by the Meethlites.
  • Unnamed son of Kelsea's: A young boy who innocently follows his mother's orders, and presses the button that activates the Linney car bomb which destroys the Levens family house.


  • Andrew Ryan: One of Candi and Laurie's teachers in their forensics classes.
  • Andrew the Truck Driver: Andrew is a black truck driver who is racist against Mexicans. He finds himself reluctantly helping Ciem deliver the Mexican immigrant child Maria Sanmarcos to her parents, a fact which irritates him even more when Musaran begins battling Ciem on top of his semi truck.
  • Dhalia Lorrice: One of Candi's classmates in her sociology intro class. She is based on the real-life Darla Lattimore, who attended an intro sociology class with the creator of the Ciem Trilogy and volunteered to have an in-story cameo.
  • Merdie Dolon: One of Candi's classmates in her intro sociology class, who gets killed off-camera simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is based on the real-life Meredith Doyle, who once lived in the same hall complex as the Dozerfleet founder and volunteered to have a cameo in Ciem.
  • Niles Beldon: Candi's upbeat and aloof sociology teacher. He is based on real-life sociology instructor Nick Budamir
  • Mulwi Gibson: Laurie's boyfriend. Based on the real-life Liz Pegouskie's one-time boyfriend Mu.
  • Kathy Rittney: One of two girls who are friendly to Candi from the Viron campus, who nevertheless are not in Candi's field of study. She is based on a real-life girl named Kristen Ritter, who volunteered to have a cameo in Ciem.
  • Stella Oggles: Kathy's best friend at the time they run into Candi and Laurie at the clothing boutique. She is based on a real-life girl named Stephanie.

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