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The Dozerfleet science fiction serial drama Stationery Voyagers chronicles the adventures of a team of humanoid writing utensils; who must investigate the diplomatic potential of multiple nations across four different worlds while battling against foes both ancient and modern, political and demonic. The series' concept began in 2000, with its current form being first written in 2008. Each season focuses on the Voyagers' struggles amidst a different diplomacy campaign, with each campaign specific to one of three targeted worlds.


March 12, 2008 - TBA

Season One: VocationsEdit

Main article: Vocations

The first season, titled Vocations, emphasizes the Voyagers' complicated personal lives as they seek to learn what their divine calling is in life. This leads to them being united as a team, while various friends and affiliates of theirs unite to battle Yehtzig Pirate League syndicates. As the Voyagers leave their homeworld of Statios behind, they gain a new member during their short-lived and ultimately futile Neothodian Campaign.

Development #
Scalding Inquiries March 12, 2008 - March 29, 2009 1 (1-01)
What Must Happen July 7, 2009 - (TBA) 2 (1-02)
Outcasts (TBA) 3 (1-03)
Vocational Destiny (TBA) 4 (1-04)
Settling (TBA) 5 (1-05)
Rodeo (TBA) 6 (1-06)
All That Remains (TBA) 7 (1-07)
Predecessors (TBA) 8 (1-08)
Zebras (TBA) 9 (1-09)
A Cry For Help (TBA) 10 (1-10)
Legally Bound (TBA) 11 (1-11)
Mach 86 (TBA) 12 (1-12)
Invasive (TBA) 13 (1-13)
No Diplomat's Land (TBA) 14 (1-14)
Distressed (TBA) 15 (1-15)
The Rage of Cybomec (TBA) 16 (1-16)
A Glimmering Hope (TBA) 17 (1-17)

Season Two: RepercussionsEdit

Main article: Repercussions (Stationery Voyagers)

The second season reveals Emperor Alhox's intentions to improve his homeworld of Markerterion, while the Voyagers are sent to initiate a political alliance between the nations of Stato on Statios and Verinthia on Whixtitout. On their homeworld, their friends finally gain the upperhand against Astrabolo's deadly forces while continuing to hold off against Markerterion's imperial aggression. New Voyager team members Neone, Liquidon, and Viola are both introduced and given elaborate back-stories. A plot to unleash the dangerous Buliod's Disease on Verinthia's population is exposed, and the Voyagers must aid in stopping it.

Development #
Not What They Seem (TBA) 18 (2-01)
Intimidator (TBA) 19 (2-02)
Liability (TBA) 20 (2-03)
Skidders (TBA) 21 (2-04)
Vamoose (TBA) 22 (2-05)
When Doubtful (TBA) 23 (2-06)
Never Enough (TBA) 24 (2-07)
Indomitable (TBA) 25 (2-08)
The Buliod Predicament (TBA) 26 (2-09)
Interception (TBA) 27 (2-10)
Revolutionary (TBA) 28 (2-11)
Shiny Return (TBA) 29 (2-12)
Contemptuous Ingrates (TBA) 30 (2-13)
Poison By Any Other Name (TBA) 31 (2-14)
Glorified Tourists (TBA) 32 (2-15)
Martyrs (TBA) 33 (2-16)

Season Three: SurfacesEdit

Main article: Surfaces

Season Three documents the Voyagers' Mantithian campaign, and also explains several details of the Inktacto system's origins. Meanwhile, trust issues develop inside of the RMM. Captain Nonpriel makes a deadly deal with Wizard Lamdock as Nonpriel attempts to salvage his reputation. Mitchell, Eliot, Ronda, and the Voyagers finally meet. Meanwhile, the Voyagers get sidetracked in their mission by Antia's pervasive culture war.

Development #
Arrival (TBA) 34 (3-01)
Stranded (TBA) 35 (3-02)
Indoctrucation (TBA) 36 (3-03)
Too Soon For Home (TBA) 37 (3-04)
Adjusting (TBA) 38 (3-05)
Roundup (TBA) 39 (3-06)
Essentials of Nativity (TBA) 40 (3-07)
Selective Generosity (TBA) 41 (3-08)
Extreme Passions (TBA) 42 (3-09)
Several Millennia Prior (TBA) 43 (3-10)
Crime Scene Pinkella (TBA) 44 (3-11)
Degenerate (TBA) 45 (3-12)
What Sorcery is This (TBA) 46 (3-13)
Roberto the Adventurer (TBA) 47 (3-14)
More Than Triumphant (TBA) 48 (3-15)
The Return of Cybomec (TBA) 49 (3-16)
Crepuscular (TBA) 50 (3-17)
Choice After All (TBA) 51 (3-18)
Oceanoe Underwater (TBA) 52 (3-19)
Qua Locus Poena (TBA) 53 (3-20)

Season Four: ReconciliationsEdit

Main article: Reconciliations

The fourth season focuses on the third's fallout, and on what compels the Inktacto system worlds to agree to work together against their common enemy, Drizad.

Development #
Bittersweet This Bargain (TBA) 54 (4-01)
Night of the Whiteout (TBA) 55 (4-02)
Worlds Beneath (TBA) 56 (4-03)
At All Costs (TBA) 57 (4-04)
Broken (TBA) 58 (4-05)
All Falls Apart (TBA) 59 (4-06)
Vorandia (TBA) 60 (4-07)
Exposition (TBA) 61 (4-08)
Infestation (TBA) 62 (4-09)
When Worlds Unite (TBA) 63 (4-10)
Legacy of the Muellex (TBA) 64 (4-11)

Promotional minisodesEdit

Vocations continuityEdit

Development #
The Wages of Cheating Death March 14, 2009 - April 24, 2009 0.5 (1-00.5) Before Scalding Inquiries
Ties That Confide July 23, 2009 - August 5, 2009 3.5 (1-03.5) Between Outcasts and Vocational Destiny

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