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The Fox 32 News documentary series Ferris State Live made its way through half of its 2009-2010 season in December of 2009. It aired on Thursday, December 10th of 2009 at 10:30 PM EST; and then went on hiatus until January 21st of 2010. By then, it had acquired a new crew in the form of the Spring 2010 TVPR 499 student body.


  • Sandy Gholston
  • Leah Nixon
  • Scott Roman


  • Paul Cicchini: News director of WBRN Radio (Show #14)


Initiation date
Completion date
Original airdate
Production code
Public reception
14 Show #14 Nick Blohm (producer) Glen Okonoski January 11, 2010 January 19, 2010 January 21, 2010 2010-14 Positive
The school's 2010 Martin Luther King Day celebrations featured prominently, but in particular emphasis was placed on the fact that "MLK Day" at Ferris was more appropriately dubbed "MLK Week." The entire first segment documented in detail many of MLK Week's ongoing festivities, including the school's Jim Crow Museum being open to the public and special shows going on. Paul Chicchini of WBRN radio in Big Rapids proceeded to flesh out segment 2, discussing WBRN and its affiliates, such as Y-102. Sandy finished the show with highlights of Ferris hockey.
15 Show #15 The K.A. (producer) Ben Wyman January 18, 2010 January 25, 2010 January 28, 2010 2010-15 Positive
Don Green, the Vice Chancelor and Dean of the College of Professional and Technological Studies, showed up as guest #1. He touched on how it's getting harder for graduates to find work; and that many students go into the school's medical programs knowing almost nothing about all the different positions that are available to them in a medical field.

Hockey coach Bob Daniels narrates for Leah that Ferris hockey was doing pretty good overall, and that's in spite a few false starts in previous semesters. He described it as being "cautiously optimistic."

"It's COLD!" Scott opened by complaining. Sandy followed up by talking hockey, particularly mentioning how well Ferris did against U of M in Big Rapids after suffering a 2-0 loss in Ann Arbor. In women's basketball, Northwood made a comeback for a win. The men's game won four games in a row.

16 Show #16 Tabby Young (producer) Sara Tuttle January 28, 2010 February 1, 2010 February 4, 2010 2010-16 Positive
Bob Buckingham, Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, opened by talking about the Community Health Fair that was coming up. Leah asked: "What is it?" Bob replied that all the health-related majors would be showing up and offering free screenings to everyone. Scott wondered what screenings that meant, and Bob mentioned that random passersby could test for the following: glaucoma, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, body mass index, and cancer risk tests. Immunization evaluations would also be a part of the menu.

Scott Cohen showed up, credited as being on the Festival of the Arts Board of Directors. He gave a brief history of who was in charge of it from time to time. What Scott pointed out a previous board member noted about the festival is that it was demonstrating a divide in Big Rapids. The north and south ends of Michigan Ave. were becoming two very different cultures that were arbitrarily segregating from each other rather than coming together meaningfully. Apparently, that was a problem that needed fixing.

Sandy said he likes that fact that many going to the festival that Scott Cohen mentioned come from all over Big Rapids; not just from on-campus residents. Scott Roman and Sandy both enjoyed that the Festival isn't limited to one type of art, nor to one building. Even the Blue Cow restaurant was participating. Sandy then began reiterating what the two Scotts had already covered, and urged once again that everyone should check out the Ferris website for more news about the festival.

17 Show #17 Ben Wyman (producer) Nate Totten February 4, 2010 February 8, 2010 February 11, 2010 2010-17 Positive
First, Dr. Greg Gogolin talks ISI: Big Rapids. Then, Luzia Tartari explains how the exchange student program on campus works. Finally, Scott and Sandy discuss the basketball teams as they rebound from some humiliating defeats, while the hockey team continued to suffer defeats.
18 Show #18 Sara Tuttle (producer) David Stiefel February 11, 2010 February 15, 2010 February 18, 2010 2010-18 Positive
Jodey Gardei, 125th Team Committe Member of the campus' Geocaching Team, joined guest Randy Shanks to talk with Leah about geocaching. Scott was not available for the first segment, so Leah had to go it alone. Leah had no idea what geocaching was, or acted like she didn't. But she did call it a "high-tech scavenger hunt." Jodey claimed it's exactly that. Several treasures have been discovered using GPS units. Leah then asked what the 125th team is all about. He explained that essentially, students are given coordinates to find that coincide with campus history. Following the coordinates, said students then learn bit-by-bit a tour of the campus' history. Leah's request for more explanation and for spoilers of the tour were denied.

Bill Potter of the University College came on to talk about how his section of the university is keeping Woody's goals in mind. His first indicator to Leah was that there's still a tutoring center on campus that's continuing to go strong. Unlike some other colleges, Ferris offers it for free. And they claim they'll tutor for any subject, pending availability of a tutor for said subject. However that's more of a disclaimer than Bill lets on. Time management, which a lot of students never received in high school, has often times been the tutoring center's biggest focus. All incoming freshman are expected to take a one-credit class as well, one about time management. Freshmen getting D's are actually encouraged to hit the tutoring center ASAP.

It's COLD out there! So began Scott complaining many times over about how cold it is up in Big Rapids. What's an athletic student to do in that shivering blizzard of northern wasteland? Hit the gymn, perhaps. Or go to Festival of the Arts, as Sandy pointed out. He even reminded Scott of how the Blue Cow Cafe had a jazz concert as part of the festival. Crossroads Charter Academy and Big Rapids High School also pitched in wherever they could. A few potters and what not showed off their pottery and ceramic artwork displays at the festival also.

19 Show #19 Nate Totten (producer) Eric Stacy February 18, 2010 February 22, 2010 February 25, 2010 2010-19 Positive
Kelsey Schnell talks about the Ferris State Torch newspaper, Diane Cleland talks about the on-campus art gallery, and Scott and Sandy discuss the Dr. Seuss exhibit after they finish talking about the game against MSU.
20 Show #20 David Stiefel (producer) Frank Molner February 1, 2010 March 1, 2010 March 4, 2010 2010-20 Positive
Mark Eichenberg, director of the Physical Plant at Ferris, talks about the "newer, bigger, and better" East Campus Apartments. Officer Joy Paquette shares her thoughts on Police Academy training and on the Police Memorial. Sandy and Scott go into some detail about Festival of the Arts matters, then discuss the game against Wayne State.
21 Show #21 Eric Stacy (producer) Megan Barker March 1, 2010 March 15, 2010 March 18, 2010 2010-21 Positive
As Women's History Month made its way to the campus, committee member Andrea Beck-Jones came on to spill the beans concerning. She opened by referencing YBBW (You Beautiful Black Woman.) For readers who don't know, it's a gathering for all the black ladies on campus to get together and feel more important than everyone else. The 20th fashion show held by YBBW was upcoming.

Michael Cron, Dean of the Michigan College of Optometry, arrived to talk about his optimism for the new optometry building. Pennock Hall was supposed to be a temporary facility; but it became home to the school's optometry clinic for 33 years.

In Round 2 of the CCHA Playoffs, Bulldog Hockey got to host Nebraska-Omaha, which Scott claimed could be "a tough time." Sandy responded that it was two nationally-ranked teams facing each other, and it was "a good thing" to see the Bulldogs able to make a few goals. Making it to the Joe Louis arena was a good thing for the Bulldogs, but Sandy warned their work was "not done yet."

22 Show #22 Frank Molner (producer) Dominique Gibbs March 15, 2010 March 22, 2010 March 25, 2010 2010-22 Positive
Arn McIntyre, the Energy Center Coordinator, showed up to chit-chat about the Michigan Energy Conference. In answer to Scott's question, HVAC would be the focus that year. Arn claimed that HVAC's inventions would "have a significant impact" some time soon. He pointed to for everyone to get more info.

Deb Cox, LPC got to step up to plate. This brown-haired (non-)pistol worked for Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services. Leah wondered what the center was about, and Deb said it was to help any student at all with a documented disability, mental or physical.

Ferris made it to the Joe Louise Arena, and Scott couldn't possibly be happier. Sandy rebuffed that making it to the Red Wing's stadium for the hockey team is a lot more of a March Madness than what basketball offers / would have you believe. According to Sandy, nobody expected Ferris to get that far. But they were happy it happened. U of M and Miami beat them up once they got there, but at least they made it there.

23 Show #23 Megan Barker (producer) Lamarr English March 25, 2010 March 29, 2010 April 2, 2010 2010-23 Positive
Maude Bigford, a coordinator for the school's honors program, was first to visit the scene this episode. She mentions how students who are in the honors program get to live in special halls, attend specialized classes, and more. Leah reiterated a point that Maude made a few seconds earlier, stating: "They probably form a bond of sorts that way."

Dr. Todd Stanislav (sporting a young Pat Sajack haircut) joined forces with Dr. Rebecca Sammel to argue for why the school had a sudden newfound interest in market globalization. According to Beck, Globalization is nothing for students to be afraid of. It may be necessary to look overseas for a job, after all. Leah remembered that someone from Turkey had visited the campus before, discussing that very same topic.

And one of the first things Sandy had to mention was an upcoming festivity where there'd be plenty of good foreign food dishes to sample. Scott, fumbling for the right words, nodded and agreed. The two of them went on to explain that there are benefits to such functions centering around food: it helps different sides to avoid touchier topics of discussion that would more easily breed resentment.

24 Show #24 Nick Blohm (producer) Dominique Gibbs April 2, 2010 April 5, 2010 April 8, 2010 2010-24 Positive
Gary Wendlowski came on to talk about summer camp on campus for all the little tykes that invade every summer. He said that he expected them to have fun as they usually do every year. Adam Weatherell, the other guest, insisted they're "more than just summer camps," it's also a simulation for kids of what college life might somewhat be like for them someday.

Lori Johnson, manager of the Tot's Place on campus, talked about what goes into running an on-campus day care center. She mentioned that the day care center went to great lengths to get "above and beyond" the bare minimum requirements that the state has in place for what a place needs to be in order to run a day care on a school campus.

Sandy brought up that Coach Becker was hoping for some better softball performances from her team by late April, especially since Ferris' softball program is a lot newer than that of Saginaw Valley. Scott also brought up that golf and track were getting somewhere.

25 Show #25 Lamarr English (producer) The K.A. April 5, 2010 April 12, 2010 April 15, 2010 2010-25 Positive
Sandra Winchell came on to talk about that year's plans for the Big Event, introducing herself by stating the obvious. Leah informed viewers that Sandra was in charge of the housing evaluation committee. In as fluffy of language as possible and using the Big Event's favorite buzzword of "community" four times one right after another; and Sandra muttering eight "uhms" along the way; the two ladies discussed how any house within Big Rapids is potentially eligible for having a bunch of students show up and rake the yard.

"You know a lot of great things are happening on campus..." came Leah's familiar greeting as segment 2 opened. Dr. David Pilgrim was the guest this time, which meant it was that time of year (other than MLK Week) for FSL to discuss...DIVERSITY!

Scott began this segment by asking three times if the campus was having nice weather, worded different ways. Sandy took the opportunity to immediately jump in and announce that the Michigan Energy Conference was in town that week. After some talk about the conference, Sandy went on to say that "we can make a difference very day; if we only apply a 'green' mindset to everyday living." Whatever that means.

26 Show #26 Nick Blohm (producer) Tabby Young April 12, 2010 April 19, 2010 April 22, 2010 2010-26 Positive
Andy Kantar talks about his book Deadly Voyage: The S.S. Daniel J. Morrell Tragedy (not to be confused with the unrelated 1996 film Deadly Voyage,) as Leah introduces us to segment one. Andy mentioned that the Morrell sank in a storm in 1966. He also commented that the boat was only able to go 3 MPH whereas the storm had 70 MPH winds, even though the boat was pushing its engines to full speed.

This section opened with a preview of Valley of Angels, a film by Ferris Alum Jon Rosten. Leah brought up that Jon was going to appear at the Ferris Festival that was upcoming, a claim that did not disappoint when Jon did show up. Since Jon could not make it to the show, Fred Wyman came on to talk about things instead. Fred explained that it was the Tenth Annual festival; and also mentioned that the Monday night of when Show #26 was aired, a pre-screening of the film would be shown to select Ferris students.

With not much else to say, Scott and Sandy mentioned that the girl's softball team was busy doing their thing. Sandy praised the team for "going up against tough competition." Scott and Sandy also brought up that the hockey team had a "bittersweet ending" in that they'd suffered a few losses but were happy that the season had finally ended.

27 Show #27 Dominique Gibbs (producer) Nate Totten April 19, 2010 April 26, 2010 April 29, 2010 2010-267 Positive
Guests Mary Kay MacIver and John Willey wrapped up discussion of the Ferris 125th Anniversary, and talked a little bit about the College of Optometry getting a new building. Tina Muir, a British exchange student on Ferris' cross-country track team, came on afterward and shared her experiences of life on the cross-country track team. Finally, with sports all wrapped up, Scott and Sandy talked about Earth Day at Ferris. They mentioned it is more appropriately referred to as Earth Week.

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