"Let the Elements Shine Down" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Morbid! The Horrendous Hobo!!!. It is a parody of Collective Soul's song "Shine."


This song was written because of a need for a then-friend of the Dozerfleet founder's to make a "hip" version of the Periodic Table to get extra credit for her chemistry class. The tune for the Collective Soul song seemed to fit the mood perfectly, even though it is not hip hop.


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"Let the Elements Shine Down"


[Instrumental introduction]

First verseEdit

Hydrogen and Helium / are at the top;/
One is fairly safe; / the other made the Hindenburg pop! /
Our list doesn’t stop! /

Lithium Berylium and then Boron, /
Follow in the order / and then comes carbon-nitrogen,/
Don’t forget oxygen! /

Florine and Neon are sure to light your life. /
Sodium, Magnesium, they surely know how to live! /
They’re so darn explosive! /


Whoa! / Let the elements shine down!/
Whoa! / Periodic Table Town!/

Second verseEdit

Aluminum and Silicon, / and Phosphorus,/
Sulfur and Chlorine, and Argon finish the third row. /
We’ve several more to go! /

Potassium and Calcium we mention next. /
Titanium Vanadium and Chromium are not vexed... /
Like Manganese Iron hex! /

Cobalt is to Nickel / one bone to the other! /
Copper Zinc and Gallium / Germanium, oh brother!/
Arsenic’s another!/

[Repeat Chorus]

Third verseEdit

Selenium meets Bromine, / Krypton at the end; /
No, not Kryptonite, / that’s not they way our table is spread! /
It’s not a Superman trend! /

Rubidium Strontium Yitrium, Zirco /
A bunch of other –ium’s follow / down that old fifth row.../
Till Silver comes in, / yo! /

Cadmium, Indium, Tin Antimony... /
Poison in the brain that makes you think of things phony! /
Like Tellurium money! /

Iodine and Xenon then comes Cesium; /
Let’s build atomic clocks with that last one and have some fun! /
Watch seconds on the run! /

Pass several more –ium’s / and we get to tungsten! /
Then platinum and gold and then we get to mercury. /
The Mad Hatter’s evil glee! /

[Repeat Chorus]

Fourth verseEdit

Thallium and Lead, / Bismuth Polonium, /
Astatine Radon, and several more that end in –ium /
This song is almost done! /

We have several more radio-active guys! /
Some in nature some that are made in the labra-ties! /
Exist in micro-size! /

Some elements give you means to have your life! /
Others blow you up / or make you sick and give you strife! /
Some make up your knife! /

All around the world / we deal with elements! /
And we will use the table / cause we need to keep them all straight! /
When chemists calculate! /

[Repeat Chorus]


We're gonna list them! / List them! /
List all of the elements / in all the rows! /

We need to list them! / List them now! /
List the elements / on our table now! /

Until they shine.... /
Let them all just shine down! /

Lyrics © 2007 Dozerfleet Records.

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