Lee Loo La is a model and clothing designer from Goblin City, New York.

Personal lifeEdit

Lee enjoys TV shows like Chuck and spicy mac and cheese. She claims to hate packing her own bags due to "always forgetting something."


Lee began working as a model based on encouragement to do so she received from strangers on the street.[1] She handles her own business of selling prints and costumes from her own work. She has been noticed and promoted by a number of agencies, including Zivity and ModelMayhem.

Dozerfleet relevanceEdit

In 2015, Lee agreed to let a small handful of her photos on DeviantArt be altered to allow her to portray Ciem, Sniperbadger, and Marina Baret. Her small size and body frame make her physical form a much better match for the Flippo triplets than the previous model: Nanda Soebaigo (whose face was more accurate.) Lee's likeness has been used for Candi primarily to represent the Earth-G7 version of the character, as exists in Sodality.

Outside workEdit

Lee has produced several of her own costumes, and modeled in them. Her work in these fields is showcased on DeviantArt for those interested.

See alsoEdit


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