Larry Wallace is a sleazy but charismatic sports announcer who befriends Jessie Morcin in Kozerlen. In the fall of 2009, he was going to be portrayed by Chris Wilson.

Character bioEdit

With his glory days on the football field behind him, Larry now provides commentary for the games. He also proves to be a friend of Jessie's, and someone she can fall back on. But the mystery of Kozerlen will test just how helpful he truly can be. He often loves to think up ways to charm Jessie, though she finds him a bit too friendly in his advances.


The character was contrived in a matter of minutes by the Dozerfleet founder in September of 2009, as a way of giving classmate Chris Wilson a role in Kozerlen, however small. Not content to be a bit part, Chris rejected the position to play Larry. This was the beginning of the end of Kozerlen as an in-class show premise. Due to this, Larry's development as a character got cut off in mid-September of 2009.

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