Kyle Mayer is a videographer from Rochester Hills, MI. He is active in the greater Troy area as a video specialist for BNP Media. He is also a graduate of Ferris State University in the Television and Digital Media Production program. During his junior year at Ferris, he was in the fall 2009 TV Practicum class. He is best remembered, therefore, on the Dozerfleet Web Network, for his role playing Kyle Tugrass in the Dozerfleet Studios and Ferris Access Channel mini-series Blood Over Water, where he also served as the primary editor.

Personal life

Kyle was originally from the Frankenmuth area, having been born and raised there. He was born on July 28th of 1987 in temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to the lower 80s, on a day with little to no precipitation and a gentle wind of not-quite 4 MPH. He attended local area schools throughout his early life, ending up at Frankenmuth High School in 2001. He graduated in 2005 with a high school diploma, and went on to attend the Saginaw Career Complex from 2003-2005. He earned a certificate in media and broadcasting. From there, he attended Delta College from 2005-2009 and earned an associate degree in electronic media broadcasting. He took this to Ferris with him in the fall of 2009, where he entered TDMP to complete his education. He completed his run at Ferris in 2011, eventually earning his bachelor degree.

Life took him down many roads, but he eventually moved to Rochester Hills to be near his current workplace: BNP Media. He remained good friends throughout the endeavor with his fellow classmate Zach Foster.

Career and television

Kyle began his career in video and television in January of 2006, shooting wedding photography for Mirror Image Productions in Battle Creek from January of 2006 until August of 2008. He then became a corporate videographer and Final Cut editor for AVI-SPL from October of 2006 until August of 2009, when he left his job to attend Ferris. His internship was at Big Shoulders Digital Video in the Chicago area, which lasted from June of 2011 until October of 2011. He was then hired by Big Shoulders to be an assistant editor. However, he found better work closer to home at BNP Media in May of 2012, officially starting work there in June of 2012.

TV practicum

Kyle was one of three editors, including the Dozerfleet founder and Cassie Tilne, to work on Blood Over Water. His and Cassie's skills with Final Cut were what won over their trust with both TV Practicum class instructor Nathan Meadows and BoW director Chris Wilson. The Dozerfleet founder filled in on promotions and Premiere editing when necessary.

Originally, Kyle was going to act in a very reduced capacity. His character in Mackley's Wardrobe had not even been assigned a name formally. All that was certain was that Angelina and Zach would have had roles. When Kozerlen was pitched in the place of Mackley's Wardrobe, Kyle was cast formally as Fuzzy Malone, a goofball detective pining for Jessie Morcin's affections. However, Chris decided that he liked both ideas of Zach's character going missing and Zach's character being the one in search of who went missing. To have it both ways and appease the class, he decided that it wasn't a missing spouse, but a missing twin that the mystery would center around.

The result was that Cassie was re-cast as a lab scientist named Monica Shelly, with Zach cast as both twins. This left Kyle, for a full episode anyway, free to be part of the crew without having to be part of the cast. When Part 2 of what became Blood Over Water called for villains, Kyle stepped up to the plate and became the thug known as Kyle Tugrass. He was placed by Chris in a "Those Two Bad Guys" scenario with the Dozerfleet founder, who played the more-psychotic and cartoonish George Lawence. Kyle was the more level-headed thug, but still had a bad temper.

Blood Over Water expanded universe

The real-life Kyle has yet to clarify if his character should still resemble him, or what he feels about a reboot/remake of the Blood Over Water franchise. If it is pursued, then the expansion would give Kyle Tugrass considerable backstory regarding his role at Sleet Mountain - including what led him to consider murder-for-hire.

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