Kristen is a DeviantArt stock model, often going by aliases such as "Kisses1991" and "Jel0belly."

Dozerfleet relevanceEdit

Kristen's "Stock Img 3" was used to create a live action depiction of Semaphore from Camelorum Adventures, as part of the episode "Fountain of Enlightenment." She is currently the reference face for Emily Barnes in this continuity. The original photo was shot in 2012 with a Nikon D40 camera.

Emily has also been depicted with stock by Kristina of Intergalactic Stock, most prominently the arrest scene at the bank.


Of what little she has chosen to reveal, Kristen has admitted she is an avid fan of Xbox 360 gaming. Her favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Haunting Ground, Okami, BioShock, Assassins Creed, and Fallout 3. Her favorite music acts include Linkin Park and Fiona Apple. Movies she likes include The Lion King, Tideland, Girl Interrupted, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. She also loves chopsticks, reading, taekwondo, and coloring pages. Her favorite writers include Robert Rankin, Sylvia Plath, and Michael Knight.[1]

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  1. Kristen's DeviantArt page.

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