The following is a list of the well-known cross-browser compatibility issues that the DSHW version of Ciem has had to deal with in its development.

Gecko-based browser issuesEdit

Caption box scrollbarsEdit

The caption box on the story pages feature a scrollbar unto themselves that is designed to blend in with the rest of the caption box, creating a "barely there" scrolling experience. However, this feature does not work in Firefox as the CSS that controls it is only recognized in Internet Explorer. Opera has an equally hard time rendering custom scrollbars.

Dissolve transitionsEdit

Dissolve transitions that are designed for the pages in Internet Explorer are not cross-browser compatible with Opera and Firefox. Pages simply cut back and forth.

Hyphenated wordsEdit

Hyphen-breaks on words that reach the wrap point don't work in Firefox. Words too long simply move in their entirety to the next line. In Opera, dashed thoughts to indicate though interruptions will move the second dash and following word to the next line but will not take the whole break to the next line.

Internet Explorer issuesEdit

The centipede-themed favicon doesn't always load properly in Internet Explorer. Text is not as dark, smooth, and anti-aliased in Internet Explorer as in Firefox and Opera. The only reason the navigation buttons on the story pages are GIFs is because of lack of support for the APNG format in Internet Explorer.

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