Keetherina "Keet" Anya Kabo is...

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Character bioEdit

(copied from MAA Fanfic Universe Wiki)

Keetherina Anya Kabo was born in 1990 to a group of parents that had been experimented on illegally to produce a Parakoid Phexo child. On the world of Phaelon, few cities were as glamorous - or corrupt - as Dephinapolis. Yet, the recently-outlawed Experiments' Offspring were generally able to live in peace and harmony in Phaemer Village - located just outside the city limits and teeming with rolling hills and forests and farms. It rained a lot; but the occasional break of sunshine from the star Zerat made it all seem worthwhile. In 1997, however, everything went to Hell. A corrupt Captain Gosmerid used the young, recently-ascended Meethlite King Morzhuk's war on Phaelon as an excuse to eradicate Phaemer Village. Gosmerid rose in rank to major, then went rogue and joined the evil Phaletori. Keet never forgot the look of hatred in Gosmerid's eyes when he burned down her house. She spent most of her life after that in the streets of Dephinapolis, refusing to let go of her convictions and vowing to get her village back one day. Life on the streets presented Keet with plenty of its own problems. After a year in jail for stealing food, she met Phexo rights activist Avori Namolil. Avori promised her back her village - if she would assemble a team to stop Gosmerid from destroying Dephinapolis. That team soon came to fruition - the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers. The PhVP would even team up with the Sodalities of Gerosha and Florence on occasion. When the Percolation struck, a carbon copy of Keet and her friends arrived in Earth-12131. With no Phaelon or Phaemer Village left to defend, it seemed natural for the clones to build a new one wherever they could. They naturally found themselves getting along well with the Guardians of the Galaxy, with which they were very similar.

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