"Keep Your Carbon Off My Footprint" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on March 22nd and aired on March 25th of 2010, it is the ninth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 22nd episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


Carbon footprint madness

Arn McIntyre, the Energy Center Coordinator, showed up to chit-chat about the Michigan Energy Conference. In answer to Scott's question, HVAC would be the focus that year. Arn claimed that HVAC's inventions would "have a significant impact" some time soon. He pointed to for everyone to get more info.

Scott confronted the obvious question: "How does this affect anyone in particular?" Arn responded his workshops would bring in a gazillion different experts from different colleges to talk about "what you can do," without defining further.

Leah asked: "What about carbon footprints?" Arn replied: "I got someone coming who's gonna define what that is." He then went on to say that he wants messages to feel "less commercialized," so he argued he was bringing in colleges to make his statements have more academic cred. Arn even mentioned someone would be speaking on updates to Energy Star.

A closing title card let viewers know that the Energy Conference was from April 7th-8th at the Big Rapids Holiday Inn.

Cripplingly-dull conversation

Deb Cox, LPC got to step up to plate. This brown-haired (non-)pistol worked for Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services. Leah wondered what the center was about, and Deb said it was to help any student at all with a documented disability, mental or physical.

"What if they do, then what?" asked Leah.

"We make them tell us what's what," replied Deb, "then we meet with them on what to do next."

"Bet the parents like that," Leah responded.

Q: "Kids love being then?" asked Scott.

A: "We help them be free, provide the crutches then wean them off the crutches," claimed Deb.

Q: "What if they don't got no stinkin' documents?"

A: "We help them get them."

She went on to focus on students with study issues for about three minutes. The counseling center works very well with students. That's Deb's promise. She continued that all students should check their schools for a disabilities office. Supposedly, nearly every school has one. Admissions can set up meetings as well for new students. Scott demanded a website plug, htmls/colleges/university/eccc.

Yep. It's time for sports again

Ferris made it to the Joe Louise Arena, and Scott couldn't possibly be happier. Sandy rebuffed that making it to the Red Wing's stadium for the hockey team is a lot more of a March Madness than what basketball offers / would have you believe. According to Sandy, nobody expected Ferris to get that far. But they were happy it happened. U of M and Miami beat them up once they got there, but at least they made it there.

Sports talk got exhausted quickly, so they started talking about diversity history at Ferris, essentially saying it's a good thing. And saying it's a great thing. And saying it expands students' minds, etc.

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